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Scuba Diving in the Konkani Waves from 2nd to 5th April (Long weekend)

2nd Apr 2015

scuba kokan

Photo of Scuba Diving in the Konkani Waves from 2nd to 5th April (Long weekend) by Mapping Journeys

Imagine having your feet curled up in sand until dawn,
and the sun forming perfect shades in the sky at dusk

Imagine the waves that you would be within,
as you navigate your way in waters while Scuba Diving

Imagine just that
4 days of
sun. sand. scuba.
and more

We know.. you can't wait for it.

2nd to 5th April 2015.
Konkan awaits.

Day 0: 1st April
09:00 pm - Meeting Point at Pritam hotel - Dadar
09:20 pm - Pick Up Point - Yogi hotel - Chembur
09:45 pm - Pick Up Point - Below main bridge - Vashi
10:15 pm - Pick Up Point - St Depo - Panvel

Day 1: 2nd April
08:00 am - Breakfast (Near Kankavli)
10:00 am - Reach Malvan - Tondavli. Check in and fresh up!
12:00 pm - Tarkarli is famous for Water Sports. We'll be hitting the waves for some Water Sports here and then heading towards Tsunami Island and Devbaug Creek!
03:00 pm - Lunch (Tarkarli)
04:00 pm - Post lunch we'll head to explore Sindhudurga Fort!
09:00pm - Return Resort

Day 2: 3rd April
06:00 am - Wake Up
07:00 am - Breakfast
08:00 am - Time for Scuba!
01:00 pm - Lunch
02:00 pm - Visit Cashew factory and Rock Garden
04:00 pm - Chiwla / Nivati beach
06:00 pm - Shopping at the Malvan Market
Head back to the resort later at night for dinner.

Day 3: 4th April
07:00 am - Gooood Morning!
08:00 am - Breakfast
09:00 am - Tondvali beach
12:00 pm - Kunkeshwar Temple
02:30 pm - Vijaydurg fort
03:00 pm - Lunch
04:00 pm - Leave for Mumbai

Day 4: 5th April
Reach Mumbai by 4am