Secret Truths about Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

21st Nov 2016
Photo of Al Masjid an Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia by Naresh

You'll be surprised to know that there are number of Myth that is taking rounds of Masjid Nabawi. You might have heard several different stories about the mosque which may be promoted by many individuals. But where lies the actual truth no one knows, even some of the Muslims living there also doesn't know. Let's start with some of the interesting facts and mysteries of the Prophet mosque.

The Prophet Mosque Nabawi

To build Al-Masjid an-Nabawi was the first thing that a prophet did when he reached in Madinah. He built it on a piece of land that he has bought from two orphans and he himself participated in the dense construction work. The original mosque was built on an area of 1050 sq. m with a height of 2m. During 622 AD, All Muslims participated in construction of the mosque and were rewarded by Allah The Exalted. After 7 years Prophet enlarged the area of mosque with total area of 2475 sq. m, to accommodate the increasing numbers of Muslims and the height became 3.5m.

How was the Mosque of Nabawi in Past?

Masjid Nabawi is always open, irrespective date and time. The site of Masjid Nabawi was chosen by the camel Prophet and the location of the mosque was chosen by Prophet himself when he rode on a camel called Qaswa. Originally the mosque was open air buildings which were made with only palm trunks, beaten clay and palm leaves.

Photo of Secret Truths about Al-Masjid an-Nabawi by Naresh

First Place to have Electricity

Masjid Nabawi was the first place in Arabian Peninsula to be provided with electrical lights in the year 1909. Traditionally the mosque is located in Center of holy city, where you'll find many attractions, shopping malls, markets and Medina hotels nearby. Many pilgrims, who perform Haji, visit Medina Mosque due to its connections to the life of Muhammad. It is believed that the pilgrims who visit the mosque, their prayers are never rejected.

Dome was Green in colour

The whole site was covered by Green Dome and was constructed in 1817 and painted green in 1837 during the rule of Sultan Mahmud II. The world famous Green Dome has once painted purple about 150 years ago. Most of the mosque has one mihrabs but this Dome has three mihrabs that were enclosed a rectangle in shape. The three doors were named as Bab al-Rahmah: The Door of Mercy, Bab Jibril: The Door of Gabriel and Bab al-Nisa: The Door of Women.

The Masjid had number of Phases

The simple masjid has undergone many phases of expansion, after seven years only it was reconstructed and the height was increased by 11 feet. More than 200 years later, a massive fire destroyed much of the masjid and the wooden dome grave, later then the building was rebuilt by the architecture in the east, west and south walls. The mosque is covered with many secret signs and each pillar, dome, wall; window carries a story which indicates the location of events and spiritual significance. The mosque was not just the mosque but it was the Center of the first Islamic community and nation.

Photo of Secret Truths about Al-Masjid an-Nabawi by Naresh

Dome used to be silver in colour

In the year 2007, Saudis tried to paint the dome with silver to make it look like all other domes but the people of Madinah suspected and launched an unprecedented protest against the municipality in Madinah forcing them to repaint it and to give its originally Green Colour. They had craftsmen who prepare paint from trees cut from those forests that had never touched by any human activity so under his instruction the entire city was built outside the Madinah where the stones and other material were cut and trimmed to be used in al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

There is a Grave inside the Green dome

The domes were decorated with verses and lines composed by famous Moroccan Sufi Poet. He is reported to compose the poem after Prophet appeared to him in his dream and covered him with his mantle. The floor and the courtyard were paved with marble and red stones. Some 90 years back a story narrated by Sheikh Al- Zubaidi that once a person tried to demolish the dome of Prophet Mohammad, however when anybody tried to climbed over the dome to start demolition a sudden light might stuck him and the climber died at the spot and no one could able to remove its body. Initially Prophet Tomb contained Gold and silver jewels which were later exposed off.


So as the Muslim community is increasing, the mosque has grown over several years and is becoming more modern with each passing time. Despite the exponential growth and changes the secret truth about Al-Masjid an-Nabawi will stay forever and will remain same for centuries.

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