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Seductive Garden Route, South Africa

Photos of Seductive Garden Route, South Africa 1/3 by Neha Chauhan

On our quest to explore the country by road, we choose the must visit & seductive Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. It was the best road trip decision we have ever taken. we reached PE via flight from Johannesburg. It was the scariest flight of my life due to strong winds 90Km/hr to be precise and I even scanned my whole life for all the possible sins while landing. Found a few but what the hell.. am only hooman.

Port Elizabeth, sweetest, quiet & one of the most scenic cities I have ever seen. Its right next to the sea and with strong winds but stillness and quiteness of the city makes it a jewel in paradise. Beware you might 0not want to leave the city and feel life is stress free here. Its so surreal that I slept 15 hrs at a stretch while he does his favourite part of Barbeque with drinks.

We started our road trip in the morning from PE to Cape Town via Garden Route. A total of 800kms with a view to die for. If the thought of chilled beer and a day on the beach gives you chill then this road trip will give you thrills.

There's no shortage of breathtaking views with every turn and it will seduce you to see more & explore more. You drive with most Picturesque mountain ranges to your right and Majestic Ocean to your left.

Fasten your seat belts and drive along with us on this lifetime experience of a ROAD TRIP

Photos of Seductive Garden Route, South Africa 2/3 by Neha Chauhan

Garden route will live upto the expectation of road trips you made from travel magzines. A must be on your bucket list for the perfect road trip experience.

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Until next time ♥♥

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Photos of Seductive Garden Route, South Africa 3/3 by Neha Chauhan

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