26th Jan 2017

Experience nature in it's rawest and truest form

Come spend sometime amidst nature, let go of your stress and embrace joy, peacefulness and calmness....

A place you will forget all your tension and go back home refreshed as well as recharged to pick up where you left off from.., with a whole new perspective!

The perfect place to unwind and give yourself a chance to think over things without any disturbance...

Here are the activities that take place at the camp :

* Trekking

* Bonfire

* Village Walks

* Painting (let loose of your creativity)

* River bathing

* Natural Fish Pedicure (just like the ones you get at a spa!)

* Organic Meals

* Meditation

* Star Gazing

* Bird Watching

* Waterfall Trek/Walk

* Leopard Cave Trek/Walk

Who must come for this?

True camping buddies, who have travel running all through out their veins!

People who love to explore and love the overall experience of camping and organic food ....

Families looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway, the only twist being that they'll be staying in tents/cottages rather than the usual boring hotels, but, be sure that you'll be absolutely safe in this environment as well.

People who love nature and look for ways and opportunities to connect with Mother Nature at all times....

Also, not to forget it is one of the most picturesque places and apt for photographs who love to take landscape frames.

To help you do all of this, we have an itinerary that will ensure you are calm yet excited as you spend some quality time at Binsar River Valley!

Accommodation :

* Rooms with attached washroom

* Tents

* Bamboo Huts

* Rooms without attached washroom

* No DJ Night Musical Night but, please feel free to carry your musical instruments they are most welcome!

Prices starting 700 INR

For Further Information :

Whatsapp, Message : +91-7055623921

or Call : +91-8006202003

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