Several Classic Tandoor Items


Tandoor items are very popular among the food lovers. If you are also fond of these dishes, then let’s check some of the incredible Tandoor items that are delicious, mouth-watering, and lip-smacking.

Tandoori Chicken: It is one of the prominent Tandoor dishes, ever prepared. This preparation is also popular in various other countries. This simple dish can be made in the simplest manner but still, it is full of flavours. Tandoori Chicken is appropriate for all parties, get-togethers, occasions, and celebrations.

The outstanding taste of Tandoori Chicken comes from the Tandoori Masala. This Tandoori Masala is authentically made with an amalgamation of Spices that are ground together for producing the masala. Nowadays, with the availability of readily made Tandoori masalas, this work has become even easier.

Tandoori Chicken preparation calls for Tandoori masala, Curd, and oil for the marination of the chicken pieces. You can serve this outstanding preparation with chaat masala, onions, and coriander yoghurt chutney.

Tandoori Prawns: The preparation procedure is similar in most of the Tandoori items because the principle of making any Tandoori dish is that you should not use oil in times of cooking. Tandoori Prawns makes use of Jumbo Prawns in this dish, however, the smaller variety may also be used. For marination of Prawns, the mixture of Yoghurt and Tandoori Masala is used.

Tandoor TikkaSeelKand: This preparation is not same as regular Tandoori preparations. For making this amazing dish, chicken Breast pieces are stuffed with Pepper, Onion, Mint, and Garlic. It makes a great accompaniment with Coriander and Mint Chutney along with mashed Potatoes and roasted sun-dried Tomatoes. This extraordinary preparation will please your guests.

Tandoori Gobi: It is a tasty and quick variation of the Tandoori family. It is similar to other Tandoori preparations in which florets are marinated in a mixture of spice and Tandoor grilled.

Tandoori Pomfret: It is a classic preparation that most of the Tandoor item lovers have already tasted. Although, it is associated with the same family as Tandoori chicken, however, this preparation has a unique and different taste. It is simple-to-prepare recipe without a huge investment of time. For the marination of fish, Tandoori Masala and Yoghurt are used.

Tandoori Murg: Many people don’t know the difference between this recipe and the Tandoori Chicken. However, Tandoori Chicken is prepared with the pieces of Chickens but Tandoori Murg makes use of the entire Chicken body. It is very important to cook the chicken evenly and thoroughly.

Tandoori Naan: Several types of Indian bread can be cooked in a tandoor and each of them is entirely different in taste. The important types of Tandoor Bread are Naan, Tandoori Roti, LachhaParatha, and Kulcha.

Tandoori Fruit Chaat: Tandoori Fruit Chaat is a straightforward preparation in which Pineapples, Green Apples, and Bell Peppers are first marinated in a Spices’ mixture. After that, it is roasted in a Tandoor.

Tandoori Aloo: This simple preparation is a treat for vegetarians and especially Potato lovers.

For more Tandoor items, you can search different recipe websites.

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