The Secret To Appreciating Mediocrity Is To Hit An All-Time Low#ShadyHotel

Photo of The Secret To Appreciating Mediocrity Is To Hit An All-Time Low#ShadyHotel by Sinchita Sinha
Day 1

With the trip to Meghalaya and Kaziranga  coming to an end, good memories and decent to lavish accommodations a part of our travel, we were in for a nightmare in the capital of Assam. Since our train was supposed to leave  from Kamakhya Station at night, we had decided to stay closeby as we had reached Guwahati in the afternoon. Despite searching for rooms online we weren't able to find a decent stay close to the station, so thought it would be appropriate to look at stays once we reach the spot. After hunting for an hour or so we spotted a smudgy board of a lodge. With no other options in hand we were forced into checking this out. I tried to keep my eyes off the paan stained staircase which kept gawking at me. At the reception we found an equally filthy and rude receptionist who quoted a room for 1200. While I fidgeted, my husband went to check the room but soon came back looking grim and suggested we check some other places. He refused to divulge anymore. After a tiring half an hour of dragging our luggage in search of a decent rest house and failing miserably, we chose to go with the one for 1200. Before we entered the room, my husband tried to mentally prepare my mom and me about what to expect, which by the way, was not of much helping owing to what we were about to experience. I could say "eewwwwww" and "yucks" a million times. That was the first time I wanted to leave for the station early and preferred to sit and wait there. Although the room was spacious - one look at the room and you would have been able to gauge what it might be used for😑😑. To think of it now, we were desperate enough to convince ourselves that we just need that room to spend few hours, not a night. The room with its bright pink and green paint and spotted tapestry looked nothing like a family room, instead resembled the idea of the room which Geet and Aditya booked in Jab We Met - just a smack of more gaudiness than what the movie portrayed. The soiled bedsheets (God knows what it was, I kept trying to not even assume) and insanitary toilet condition would cause anyone to throw up. Thankfully we carried newspapers and bedsheets with us. I remember cringing my nose and somehow spreading it on that stained bed to catch some sleep, but couldn't keep it closed for more than 3 minutes lest I shed my guard and move to the unclean side of the sheet. The bathroom was equally begrimed with paan stains and clumps of hair everywhere ( I am obsessed with cleanliness so my repulsion can be envisioned). Let me not even attempt to try to describe the condition of the commode. I did manage a glance and that made my gorge rise🤢🤢. If I could I would have taken a snap or two of the revolting room but that would mean keeping an unworthy bile-rising memory. So, I skipped taking any (even if it meant keeping a memoir for laughs). When it was finally nearing our departure, I quickly took a shower without light (darkness can make many horrid things and thoughts disappear), got dressed and was relieved to leave the horrible vomitous property.

P. S - I refrained from revealing the name of the property to avoid untoward debate but I checked the rating of the place while penning this, which by the way is 2.6 so..... I guess that says it all!!!!! I wish to God that no family has to ever take shelter in that godforsaken Lodge even if it meant whiling the time exploring streets. Waiting at the station would be a far  sensible option.

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I can imagine your situation.
Wed 10 09 19, 20:27 · Reply (1) · Report
Although horrendous, I lived to tell the tale
Wed 10 09 19, 23:49 · Report