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Never Underestimate the Cold- Shimla

25th Apr 2014
Photo of Never Underestimate the Cold- Shimla by Misthi
Shimla, the summer capital of British, is not a new name for tourists. People have been visiting Shimla and many popular places that surround it. But my visit was different as for the purpose and duration. I was there for a month, so got a chance to explore the unexplored parts of it. It was April end when i left for Shimla. I usually prefer to travel by train so booked my tickets from Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Kalka. Mumbai to Delhi was a normal travel. And after a buffer time of 2 hours, I came to the platform from where i was supposed to board my next train. As and when i reached the platform, it was a sight which made me feel so awkward. The platform was full of couple who were probably going on honeymoon. I forgot to tell you that I was going all alone. I don’t know why i got such a coach filled with honeymoon couples, just busy with themselves and behaving in a very subtle way (that’s obvious I guess). Everything looked like going in slow motion. So i decided to sleep early. I reached Kalka the very next morning, went to the waiting room which was unexpectedly nice because I thought it would be a small station.Ahead journey was booked in train which got confirmed after a lot of waiting. I waited to board the “toy train”.
The train came and everybody jumped inside. I somehow managed to accommodate my luggage as I had to be there for entire month and the train doesn't have much space inside. With a long siren, the train started and  everybody started screaming but soon after some time it became low when they realized they will be inside it for next 6 hrs. The train started climbing uphill and temperature started dropping down. There are around 5-6 stoppages on the way, where I had tea and some snacks and some photographs of course. It was such a entertainment seeing other people giving funny pose to get clicked. That was actually my effort to convert a bad luck in blessing in disguise as I didn't have anybody to click it for me. After some time I was surprised to see everybody sleeping and it reminded me how they had started the journey. 
So finally train arrived at the station. I had a prior hotel booking so took a cab and went down to my hotel, had my lunch and slept. I was in no hurry to explore the town as I had to be there for the next one month. 
 As the visit was informed to me at last moment and was all sponsored, i was not carrying any woolens with me. I was in shimla in the month of April with a room heater on and two blankets on me. Finally i decided to buy some woolens there itself to escape the chilling cold. I head my way to the mall road which is a tourist market with all sort of variety. its a lane flowing up and down with decorated shops all around. On my way it started raining to make me further realize how much i needed the woolens there for the next one month. 

Shimla brings fascinating attractions making your holidays memorable and pleasurable. Its natural beauty and pleasant climate never fail to rejuvenate tourists. 

Main Attractions of Shimla

The Ridge Road

It is an arresting place of Shimla where you can see breathtaking views of the mountains. This road is also famous for the Neo-Gothic Christ Church and Tudar Library. 

The Mall 
It is the famous shopping place of the city. There are numerous shops and restaurants in this area. You can buy a variety of colorful and fine handicrafts from here. The Lakkar bazaar located here is the best place if you wish to buy wooden objects.

Jakhu Hill
It is the highest peak of Shimla with an altitude of 8000 ft. It houses Hanuman Temple where monkeys are found in great numbers. The monkeys here don't harm anyone and their sole purpose is to get some food from the visitors. This hill offers a mesmerizing view of the city.
Chadwick Falls
Located amidst deodar trees, Chadwick falls is a peaceful and blissful place to visit. You can also visit the temples near the waterfall. 
Adventure sports .
To add more charm to your Shimla tour indulge in adventure sports such as trekking, skiing, golfing, river rafting, para-gliding, heli-skiing and fishing. 


The bustling bazaars of Shimla are full of handicrafts, wood and metal objects, shawls, pullovers, local tweeds, caps, Tibetan carpets, pickles, jams and squashes. 

How To Reach Shimla

By Air:    Jubbarhatti (23 km) is the nearest airport from Shimla.
By Rail:   Shimla has a narrow gauge railway line which is connected to all the major parts of India via Kalka.
By Road: Shimla is well connected to all the major cities of India by road.

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