Shopping List for Everest Base Camp Trek

21st Sep 2018

If you have already decided to go for Everest Base Camp trek then the next big task is “Shopping”. There are many important and must items which will help you by making your trek easy and enjoyable, and overall worthwhile!

Based on my 14-days Everest Base Camp trek experience, I listed few items here which helped me in surviving and appreciating the trek to the fullest:

My husband is not an item (or maybe he is!) but it’s true that I couldn’t have survived even a day without him on those roads. I cannot lend my man but I can surely suggest you to take yours with you when you decide to go for it. If you decide to go alone, try and book a group tour. Those terrain is an incredible place to make friends. Remember, more than physical strength this trek will test your mental strength and will power. And it goes without saying that, an encouraging set of people is what we all need for strong and stable mental health.

Few other unusual items which helped are:

1. Diamox

You will read many conflicting reviews of Diamox. But I personally believe Diamox helped me a lot. I started taking half dose of Diamox-250mg in the morning post-breakfast and half dose after dinner, starting from Day-2 (Kathmandu to Lukla by flight). From Day-7 (Acclimatization day at Dingboche) to Day-11 (From Gorakshep to Pheriche), I used to take one full dose of Diamox-250mg in the morning and one after dinner.

Diamox is easily available in almost all Pharmacies in India. It is ban in Nepal though, so you cannot buy it there.

There was few minor side-effects of Diamox, but I felt none. For more information on Diamox, please reach out to your Doctor.

2. Walking Sticks

Walking sticks helped me more than I expected. For many it’s not a compulsory item, but for me it was. Feel free to use it before buying it and thus decide for yourself.

3. Toffee & Chocolates

Remember only two things will keep your brain functional there, Sugar and Water. Don’t forget to take as many toffee and chocolates with you as you can. It will maintain your sugar level. If you want a healthier option, take Dates and/or Raisins with you. Keep these items with you in your Day-pack.

4. Thermos flask for hot water

I didn’t take hot water flask with me but I would strongly suggest to take it with you. Hot water is absolute necessary to keep your throat healthy. Especially after 4,000 m (when the roads become extremely dusty), you will need to Hot water to keep you going!

5. Strepsils

You are going to need these for your throat. Take as many as you can from your city, otherwise you will find Strepsils are as costly as Gold in those terrain.

6. Buff

I took 2 buffs with me – one cotton and one woolen. I will suggest same to you. Cotton one is good for dust and woolen one will save you from cold windy climate.

7. Woolen Socks

Woolen Socks are must for cozy deep sleep. Do take it with you!

8. Playing Cards

Like I said, those terrain is an incredible place to make friends. And how else would you like to spend your evenings with your newly found buddies.

You must have read many articles, evenings are quite chilly and boring in EBC trek. But restaurant of your tea house will be warm and thus crowded place. And Trust me, you are going to enjoy it, if you have Playing cards with you.

9. Cough Syrup

Because of dust many people tend to get dry cough and sore throat, including me. Cough Syrup helped me in having good night sleep.

10. LifeStraw bottle

Mineral water bottle price goes up-to 400/- Nepalese rupees per liter. Invest in LifeStraw bottle, like I did. They are available in Amazon.

Remember if you will save money in those roads, you can treat yourself with Apple-Pie and many other yummy stuff in German Bakeries over there! ;)

11. Pocket Torch

Many tea houses don’t have lights in aisle. Torch is an absolute necessary item in nights and early mornings, if you wish to go to washrooms or simply come out of your room to roam around.

12. Coffee pouch or Tea bags

You can save enormous amount of money if you take Coffee pouch or Tea bags with you, as they are one of the costliest items in the menu.

13. Paracetamol

You will walk 7-8 hours a day on an average and will have not-so sound sleep because of high altitude. Feeling tired and feverish is obvious over there. Paracetamol will help you for sure, like it did to me.

14. Tissues and wet wipes

I cannot emphasis more on this item. It is an essential item for rounds of washroom. Also it’s not advisable to take bath on the trek, so wet wipes will help you in maintaining your hygiene.

Keep a packet of wet wipes in your day-pack. You will need it for sure in those dusty roads, especially after 4,000 m height.

15. Sanitizer

Again it will help you in maintaining your hygiene. Very much required item. Keep this in your day pack too.

Items for delight (Not so important items):

1. Peanut Butter

I bought brown bread from Namche Bazar, which helped me in saving a huge amount on breakfast. Needless to say bread tastes best with peanut butter. Even if you are not a fan of Peanut butter, I will suggest you to buy Bread as tea houses mostly provide jam, honey and butter for complimentary at the time of breakfast.

2. Lemons

Vitamin-C will help you with your energy level and lemons are filled with it. You can put it in your water and drink plenty of it. I also used to squeeze it on my dal-bhaat, to make it yummier.

If you need suggestion/advise related to your Shopping List for your Everest Base Camp, please reach out to me. I would love to help.

Make your trek memorable and enjoy every bit of it. Remember this is one in a Lifetime trek!

Lastly a photo of myself in Everest Base Camp trek:

Photo of Everest Base Camp Trail, Khumjung, Nepal by Pramila Bharti