Siem Reap Full Day Cycling Tour

1st Nov 2017
Photo of Siem Reap Full Day Cycling Tour 1/1 by Siem Reaper

Be Active and adventure through the cultural cycling tour.

Get out of town and see the rural side of Siem Reap on this packed 1-day adventure cycling through jungle and rice paddies as well as experience the rich culture of Cambodian.

Today’s adventure incorporates a bit of everything, from sweeping vistas to historic sites and a local way of life. This tour will take a ride into the village outside of Siem Reap with an amazing off the beaten track destinations and beyond.

We will bike through the irrigation channels and the beautiful country laneways, all the while, soaking up the landscape and the everyday life of Cambodian.

Stopping off to visit Buddhist temple, local family run businesses as well as see the great water reservoir famed as West Baray. On the ways, we will stop for a cold drink at a small place, experiencing the everyday routine of the rural Cambodian folk.

Lunch will be at a local place which you can enjoy the home-made cook at the village. On the returning way, we will stop to see the traditional basket weaving and local rice wine productions. More Details

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