Signs You Need to Repair - And Replace - Your Air Conditioning System


Whether it is the middle of winter or the summer months are in full swing, you should be thinking about your home’s air conditioner. Even if it is not in use, your HVAC unit requires year-round maintenance. However, before the summer rolls around, you should make sure that your A/C is working and does not need to be replaced. Watch for the following crucial signs that your air conditioner may need to be replaced before you and your family are left sweating without it.

Consider the age of your A/C before you decide to repair or replace HVAC system. You won’t worry about replacing an HVAC system if it is only a few years old, but something ten years old or more is likely to need to be replaced. The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 14 years, so if yours is between 10 and 15 years old, you are in the prime time to replace your unit. You should replace your unit before it breaks down, and you are left out in the heat.

Often, A/C units are replaced for more energy-efficient units. The older the model you have, the less energy efficient, the harder it works to make your family comfortable during the warmer months, and the more it costs to power up. Speak to an HVAC pro about a new energy-efficient model that can save you hundreds every year in the long-term. Currently, the market has been moved forward by energy-efficient appliances, which can save homeowners money as well as lower their carbon footprint on Earth.

A common issue with A/C units is a coolant leak, and this need for additional R-22 refrigerant can influence a homeowner’s decision to repair or replace an A/C unit. R-22 refrigerant is also known as freon, and this material can cost as much as $40 a pound, and so a freon leak thus becomes an extensive and expensive repair in itself. With the price tag sometimes up to $1,000, some homeowners may choose to replace the unit altogether. This will save them money in the long-term and will prove to be a more energy-efficient solution.

When you are considering whether you should repair or replace your A/C unit, check out resources such as or consult an HVAC professional. There may be other factors to consider, such as climate or budget, so it is essential to speak to a local pro in your area.