Sikkim Part 2 Gurudongmar Lake

6th Sep 2018


Gurudongmar is a high altitude lake close to Tibet boarder in North Sikkim. It is the land of Yaks, blue ships and other high altitude animals of Sikkim and Tibet. The snow-fed milky water of the lake is one of the major sources of Tista, the most important river in Sikkim and North Bengal.At an attitude of 17000 ft, Gurudongmar is one of the highest lakes in the world. It lies in the North side of the Khangchengyao Range and is encircled all around by snow-covered mountains, the sacred lake freezes during the winters except at one spot, which the devout believe has been specially blessed. The Chinese Tibetan boarder is just a few kilometres away from the lake.our to North Sikkim requires special permit (Inner Line Permit). The permit is given to Tourists through an authorised tour operator. Only Indian tourists are allowed to visit Gurudongmar Lake.The lake is located at an extreme corner of India. The nearest tourist accommodation at Lachen is 68 km (3 hours) away. A typical tour starts at Gangtok from where Lachen is about 120 kms (6 hours). After overnight stay at Lachen next morning you may visit Gurudongmar. You should start early in the morning and be back to Lachen latest by lunch time. As the day progresses weather in the high altitude begins to worsens.