5 Days at Singapore

25th May 2014
Photo of 5 Days at Singapore by Neha

he For more about my Singapore experience, here are the links to my blog - 

Night Safari Experience

Singapore City Tour - Merlion, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Singapore Flyer

Sentosa Island Experience

Universal Studios Part 1

Universal Studios Part 2

Jurong Bird Park and Wonder Full Experience

I have a few tips for the people travelling to Singapore in the near future

For the Night Safari, here are some pointers

  • Have enough rest before going to the safari. You will surely miss out on something interesting if you doze off in the middle of the ride
  • The place has almost tropical weather. Having an insect repellent is advisable (I learnt this the hard way).
  • If you are enthusiastic about seeing as many animals as possible, I suggest experiencing all the four walking trails (the Fishing Cat Trail, the Leopard Trail, the East Lodge Trail and the Wallaby Trail) in addition to the tram ride.
  • The safari is a treat to the eyes. Enjoy the moment and forget the camera. Most cameras fail in low light anyway

For the Singapore City Tour, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Singapore Flyer, here are a few tips

  • It is advisable to carry an umbrella with you. The weather can be unpredictable.
  • Carrying a cap with you is advisable while going out in the sun.
  • If you are going through a tour operator then building rapport with the driver of the vehicle is advisable.
  • While visiting the Tooth Relic Temple make sure that your attire is decent. Shoulders should be covered. Avoid wearing Bermuda shorts and half-pants.
  • Singapore Flyer should be a part of your itinerary. It is the experience of a lifetime.
  • If you are an Indian, avoid choosing any hotel in Little India for your stay. It is exactly as the name suggests – Little India. You will feel like you haven’t come abroad at all.
  • It is slightly difficult to find vegetarian restaurants. However, if you plan to have lunch in Little India, restaurants like Saravana Bhavan and Ananda Bhavan have a lot of vegetarian options.

A few pointers for Sentosa Island

  • Although sneakers are comfortable, avoid wearing them if you are going to the beach or if you are interested in volunteering for a dolphin/seal activity
  • The above principle also applies to your clothes. Wear clothes that dry quickly, preferably short ones.
  • If you are interested in interacting with the dolphins/seals, try wearing similar attire as that of the trainers/caretakers.

For the Universal Studios experience, here are a few things to keep in mind

  • An entire day to explore the Universal Studios is essential. Have a Studio Guide with you in advance before you visit the Studios. It will help you plan better. Avoid wearing clothes that take time to dry.
  • Express Pass is slightly more expensive than the normal pass and allows you to experience fast without waiting much. The catch, however, is that you are allowed on a ride only once.
  • There are some rides which are a must-visit. Off the top of my head I can include Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, The Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Monster Rock in this category.
  • There are some rides which you can avoid to save time. I can put Accelerator and Canopy Flyer in this category (if the wait period is too long)
  • There is an entrance to WaterWorld from within the Universal Studios. Enquire more about it before you visit the Studios.
  • If you plan to visit the Rapids Adventure in The Lost World zone, it would be desirable to have a raincoat or a spare set of clothes.
  • Lockers are available and the usage for first 45 minutes is free of charge. You may need this for some rides like the Revenge of the Mummy
  • There are separate queues for those going solo. You tend to get a chance faster.
  • Character meets-and-greets happen throughout the day in different zones. Don’t miss out on a selfie opportunity with the characters. My favourites were the Soldiers of Anubis and the Velociraptor. Check the Studio Guide
  • Monster Rock is a spectacular show. Do not miss it. Check for the show timings as soon as you enter the Studios.
  • There are a lot of gift and souvenir shops. Minion Mart was really cute.
  • Lastly, I was not satisfied with the vegetarian food. Carrying your own food items might be a good option.

And finally, for the Jurong Bird Park Experience, here are a few ideas to plan out the trip better.

  • There is a lot to cover. Although the tram ride covers most of the stuff, it is advisable to go through the entire trail by foot for a better experience
  • You can choose to photograph yourself with the birds at the entrance, or feed the birds at the Waterfall or the Lory Loft for a reasonable price.
  • Keep a track of the show timings for the High Flyer Show and the Kings of the Skies Show. We had to miss out on the Kings of the Skies show due to time constraints
  • You can see a lot many birds from up close during their feeding time. Keep a track of that
  • The Bird Discovery Centre and the Breeding and Research Centre are very informative. Try visiting them if you have a chance
  • You tend to save more if you visit the City Zoo, the Bird Park and the Night Safari on the same day
  • Try wearing similar clothes as that of the caretakers. The birds may be more attracted to that.

For the Wonder Full Light and Sound Show, here are some tips:

  • You might want to get a closer look from near the Merlion (which gets pretty crowded pretty quick), but the bridge also offers a decent view
  • Although the show begins at 8.00, you might want to reach a little early to enjoy the evening and the scenery
  • The show lasts about 13 minutes. Enjoy it to the fullest
  • There are quite a few decent shops in the area if you are looking forward to it. The Peninsula Market is only a kilometer away.
The Night Safari was a special experience - seeing the animals in their "natural" habitat during the night time was a special experience. The Thumbuakar performance was pretty interesting as well.
It was a beautiful experience - One of the best of what Singapore has to offer
Sitting in a capsule getting a 360 degree view of Singapore was certainly the most loved experience
Sentosa Island has a lot to offer - there is something for everyone. Oceanarium was definitely the highlight here
The Transformers Ride! The Mummy Roller Coaster! Monsters Rock!!
Eagles, Penguins and Owls, for sure. Sassy the Cockatoo was also one of my favourites.
The 13 minute light and sound show was mesmerising. Definitely worth a watch from Marina Bay.
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