Singapore-Thailand Trip: The Universal Studios Experience (Part 1 of 2)


Day 3: 27 th May, Singapore

Part 1

I had awaited this day with bated breath ever since we started planning for Singapore. My friends had described it to me and I couldn't wait to experience the whole thing myself. A day full of adventure, fun and fantasy. There was only one place to visit - Universal Studios...Yay!

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After another supertasty continental buffet breakfast we left for our destination. We were picked up sharply at 9am and dropped off at Sentosa Island in a short while. I was too excited to visit the theme park. As we moved up the escalator from the parking lot, the only thing that caught my eye (other than the gigantic Universal Studios globe) was Hershey's Chocolate World. I was hoping it was something similar to the chocolate factory in the USA, but was disappointed to see that it was only a retail outlet for Hershey's chocolates. We proceeded on to the Universal Studios after that.

On seeing the map of the place my face lit up even more. There are about 7 themed zones in the park, some of them being my all-time favourites. We started with Sesame Street. I began feeling nostalgic about my childhood the very moment we entered the area. The only attraction we visited was the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. It brought back a few faint memories of the Hershey Chocolate Factory ride from a very long time ago. I felt another wave of nostalgia hit me as I saw an Elmo doll (almost identical to the one I had as a kid) in the gift shop. After clicking a few photos with the characters we decided to move on to the next zone, which was Sci-fi City.

Sci-fi City was by far the coolest place in the entire park. I have enjoyed watching Transformers in my school days and hence was thrilled when there was a ride dedicated specially for them. The queue was really long but the ride was totally worth the wait. It was surreal and I felt as though I was actually a part of the adventurous fight between the brave Autobots and the evil Decepticons. We were seated in an evacuation pod and the aim was to escape the city (which was going to be destroyed in minutes). It was a 3D show and hence was very realistic. Rising in the air, getting sucked into a Decepticon, getting thrown off a high-rise building by Megatron only to land into Bumblebee's arms, and seeing Optimus Prime kill Megatron with the All-Spark was an experience that really left me at a loss for words. It was like living the ultimate childhood dream. One experience was just not enough. We decided to get back to this ride after experiencing everything else.

We walked past the life-sized figure of Bumblebee. I was in love with this place already! On the way to the next themed zone we passed by the mean looking Battlestar Galactica BSG 75. It has two roller coasters: Human and Cylon. Although I am not a big fan of roller coasters, the sheer size of this one (It was the world's tallest at 42.5 meters) made me want to experience the thrill once. Too bad, the roller coaster was HUGE but the ride wasn't open to public. I learnt only a little later that the ride had been shut down for good in April this year, as it was repeatedly developing cracks.

The most disappointing ride was the Accelerator. Simply put, it was almost the same as the Cup and Saucers ride in Essel World (Mumbai). The speed of the cups wasn't much and the ride actually started slowing down when we were supposed to attain the maximum speed.

We proceeded towards the next themed zone, which happened to be Ancient Egypt. It was evident that a lot of work had been put into this zone. Everything about this place screamed of Ancient Egypt. I loved the character meet-and-greet as I learnt quite something from it. Although the detailing was very good, the costume looked kinda funny and weird. It was the attitude of the guy - staying in character and not giving a damn about how he looked - that made him really stand out. This is when I learnt that attitude makes one hell of a difference. Sadly I don't have a decent photo to upload for it.

The star attraction of this zone was the Revenge of the Mummy ride. The wait period was a little long but we didn't mind. Again, like the Transformers experience, this one was well worth it. Twelve of us were seated in a coach. The aim of the ride was to escape the wrath of the mummy while trying to find the book of life. The ride was very interesting as we witnessed a whole lot of things in a matter of a few minutes, such as passing by a roomful of gold, crashing against a wall (only to crack the wall and be attacked by thousands of bugs that emerged from it), and falling backwards as we attempted to escape the bugs. The end of the ride was the most spectacular as we were right under a ceiling of searing flames (we could feel the heat on our necks!). The only term that describes the experience adequately is "sickeningly awesome".

My cousin found the experience very fascinating and was interested in coming for the ride again. We decided to go for the experience again later. The most shocking thing for me in relating to this experience was the interest shown by my grandfather. It was surprising that he was the first one to be all ready for the ride. He all of a sudden became more adventurous than the rest of us put together. He would have been the first person to jump in the coach, had we not strongly advised him against it (I was actually worried about him as the carriage would fall backwards during the ride).

The next adventure in the zone was a treasure hunt. It essentially was a car ride but we decided to skip it as the queue was too long (waiting 40 minutes for one ride was too much). We proceeded to the next zone, which will be covered in my next post. Here is the link:

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Photo of Sentosa Singapore by Neha
Photo of Sentosa Singapore by Neha
Photo of Sentosa Singapore by Neha
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