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Everyone loves surf, sand, sun and fun – everyone loves summer. But the summer heat can take its toll, especially when you feel the sun biting on and burning your skin. There are times that you simply want to soak yourself in an ice cold bath, or just be around snow 24/7. Turn these cold weather fantasies into reality, and add a bit of sporty adventure when you plan a getaway to a place that allows you to experience winter in summer. To help you beat the heat, here are 8 of the best ski resorts to visit during summer.

Les Deux Alpes, France

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Source: Ross Brimble

Known to have one of the largest summer ski areas in Europe, Les Deux Alpes offers guaranteed natural snow on a glacier culminating at an altitude of 12,000 feet. The Mont-de-Lans Glacier is open from mid-June to early September where a funicular railway transports skiers up to the glacier’s eight runs, which are served by chairlifts and drags. The snowpark rivals that of Saas-Fee’s glacier, with its snow skate zone, slopestyle, cool zone, half pipe and a smaller pipe for beginners. If skiing is not your thing, there are other activities you can enjoy like mountain biking, tennis, swimming and trampolining.

Hintertux, Austria

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Book a flight to Austria and visit one of the few remaining glaciers that remain open 365 days a year that offers the steepest lift-serviced glacier skiing in the Alps, and some of the surest snow. Hintertux offers a good range of runs for all levels; but is famous for its steep, challenging terrain. If you’re into freestyle skiing, you can hit the half-pipe, fun boxes, table-tops and rails. Summer skiing here includes 22 kilometers of runs accessed by nine lifts that are capable of transporting 3000 skiers per hour. There is even a free bus service that can transport you from a certain point in the resort to the bottom of the glacier.

Tignes, France

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This is home to the Grand Motte Glacier, a glacier with 22 kilometers of varied terrain (blue, red and black runs) accessible by chairlifts and drags. Book a flight to France and visit this resort which is open from mid-June to early September. It takes seven minutes to get to the base of the glacier through the use of the underground funicular. This snow park appeals to freestylers, professionals and amateurs with its half pipe, rails, moguls, hip ramp, quarter ramps and rainbow rail. To get your skiing 101, Tignes has a summer ski school which runs five-day workshops and hour-long lessons each day.

Zermatt, Switzerland

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Source: Kosala Bandara

With 25 kilometers of summer skiing available on the Theodul Glacier, Zermatt is open every day from May to mid-November. This glacier plays host to the highest altitude and largest summer ski area in all of Europe. There are 13 runs, divided into blues and reds, and there is Gravity Park which features a half pipe, kickers and rails. Get the chance to see the Alps most famous peak, the Matterhorn. Taking a lift up to the summit of Klein Matterhorn provides the opportunity to gaze at as many as 40 peaks in the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

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This is the only year-round ski area in North America, open daily between late May and early September and with prime skiing available in June and July. Timberline Lodge sits on the south of Mount Hood and is the state’s highest mountain, rising to an elevation of 11, 239 feet above the coastal lowlands of western Oregon. It’s home to a number of glaciers, with summer skiing on Palmer Glacier popular with intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders due to its challenging runs and terrain parks. Many feel it has the very best summer snow scene on the plant, with everyone from Olympic athletes to freestyle enthusiasts heading here between the months of June and September.

Whistler, Canada

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Book a flight to Canada and head up to Hortsman Glacier, open between mid-June to late July, to see what the rave is all about. Take a scenic 45-minute ride up to the glacier via three chairlifts, with views of the entire Whistler Valley from the top. This glacier has terrain park features, mogul field and groomed slops. What sets this place apart are the non-skiing activities which you can enjoy as well. Choose from mountain-biking, bear-spotting, zip-lining, kayaking, golf, or fly-fishing.

Portillo, Chile

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Source: Marcelo Januzzi

Located in the Chilean Andes, Ski Portillo is the oldest ski area in South America and features over 1200 acres with 35 trails for skiers of all levels. This resort is popular for its exclusivity, social atmosphere and policy of selling only 450 lift tickets a day – making the long lift lines not a problem at all. Advanced skiers appreciate the chance to enjoy free-riding, with the area’s abundance of steep off-piste faces, as well as the heli-operations that can get experts to even higher elevations and descents. Book a flight to Chile and take in the breathtaking scenery during the months of June, July and August. This is the best time to see the mountains look like they are rising out of the aquamarine-hued lake – nature at it’s finest.

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