Snacks and Visit to old Delhi #Delhi06 #Chandnichowk #Foodie #Fun

24th Feb 2019

When it comes to the food and exploring the Delhi. I can only imagine one stop to start that is Purani Dilli or Asli dilli. I am born and bought up in Delhi. Mostly stay in all four directions of Delhi. South ex, Dwarka, North Campus.

I worked at HDFC Bank and our office is on the famous road Asaf Ali road. One of the old gen as Delhi stock exchange is just 2 buildings away. So mostly all day is nearby area of Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and major markets of delhi.

One day i went to taste some of the best and famous food at chandni chowk area. Lets start,

First Point : Old Jalebi Wala, here you can have jalebi which is made in pure desi ghee and mouth melting. Price is on little higher side but if you are going to taste one of the oldest shop in old delhi it is worth it.

Second Point: Just few meters ahead, hear comes the famous Parathe wali Gali. Now all the paratha lover if you come to chandni chowk and does not try it then visit is waste. My favorite is Gobi and palak mix. The size of parathas is small as compare to some years back. You can see the celebrities pictures on the wall of shops that visited.

Third Point: Now on the main road again you can see people at a narrow street waiting for there turn. That is NATRAJ dahi balle wala. I personally like more tikki here than dahi balle but it is more famous for the Dahi balle.

Fourth Point: Go strain at the end of the Chandi Chowk road and from there take right turn from Fatehpuri Masjid. Here you will find at a corner Gole Hatti. A very famous and pocket friendly point to satisfy your hunger. You can have a proper lunch here but one thing you can't miss is there Chawal, Palak and chole mix. This is one of the best rice i eat.

Fifth Point: This is last but not the least. Just 2 shops from the Gole Hatti you can see glasses with people drinking LASSI. This is GIANI. It is full chain restaurant but here the mind blowing thing is LASSI ka Glass. You can full with this i am pretty sure.

These are not only points but it is a gold mine whenever i go i find some new places. Next time whoever like can join me to explore some old and famous part of DILLI with food.

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