Solo Travel - is not for everyone!


People visiting this page are mostly hardcore travellers, be it leisure travel, group trip, solo trips...whatever which meets ones appetite. Now I particularly want to stress on Solo travelling in this article. Solo travellers or Solo travelling has went up in the recent times. Whichever travel blog you check out, its incomplete without a Solo travel story in its list. Such is the craze among people who want to travel alone, explore, soul search all by themselves, that it has created a niche in the Traveller, Explorer segment.

I have been on numerous trips with my friend to many places in India. Solo travelling has never been my thing. But the Solo Travelling story that generated noise on internet everyday, made me contemplate on the ifs and buts of travelling solo. I finally decided to step on the bandwagon and try for myself.

Below are my opinions as to why I DO NOT prefer Travelling SOLO.

1. It is not Economical.

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It would definitely get you wondering how are people able to travel so often and what kind of a budget they follow. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, to afford to travel to some awesome destinations. Many expenditures in the trip can be shared if taken with a group as compared to going solo. One of the major sum of money is spent on getting a comfortable room, it can we shared among friends.

People would think that I am very carefully about my spending, as I have mentioned this as the first point. I definitely am because I am a backpacker in nature and like to get things done on a shoestring budget if not any less!

2. Not everyone is an Extrovert

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The nature of the person is moulded by the surrounding in which he/she is brought up. Some are Introverts, very reserved or rather open well only to the close circle of friends and there are Extroverts who can make new friends instantly.

Now many solo travel stories will have one thing in common, as to how they gelled with total strangers during their trip. I say that seldom happens with folks who are introverts. It is neither their fault and nor is there a requirement in general to befriend anybody unknow in the course of your trip. We are there to explore new places, culture, food etc. Solo travelling can get boring for a person who is introvert by nature.

3. Need to be more vigilant

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Now this even a seasoned solo traveller will also agree to that you have to be extremely vigilant when travelling solo. Its a pretty rough world out there and it is not right to assume that all travel experience is going to be pleasant. So people are more and more careful when travelling to an unknown place, they try to pre-book everything from hotel to travel options. And travelling solo means you have to be even more vigilant.

There are places, some religious which are particularly infamous for theft like pick pocketing. In such case I think it would be helpful to have some friends watch your back. When travelling solo you would be put a lot of brain to be aware about your surrounding and that too for a major chunk of time. This is will not let you explore all that you had to and that too carelessly.

4. You like sharing experiences

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As the saying goes "Great experiences are even better when they're shared". And sharing them with your best buddies make them an everlasting pleasant memory. So if you travel Solo you still can explore and experience the new places you travel to but the joy of doing it with your friends if very different.

Solo travellers often have great stories to tell, but at the end they are all solo stories. When we share experience together, we have things to laugh about even in our bad times.

5. You are not a jack of all trades

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Not everyone is a jack of all trades. When in a far land from your hometown, you will face many difficulties like language barriers. Friends particularly become very helpful if he is a native of that region. I have particular memory of a friend of mine who is very good in bargaining :) . The perks of having him along is that we could get the local artifacts for much cheap rates.

So everyone can put their expertise when planning for a trip and it does not get very hectic for a single person.

6. No reliable help in case of an emergency

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Health ailments can pop up anytime during a trip because of the sudden climate change, food, water or whatever reason may. In such situation we can be sure that having a friend along is really helpful.

The above points are my observations and people may or may not agree to some points completely. I would also like to state here that I am not against people travelling solo, it is just that I have tried and understood that it is not my thing. Please go ahead with any trip....solo or along with friends, do it for the experience and do it the way that it enriches your soul.

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