South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Tips for taking care of your dog when going to the park


You can feel at peace knowing that you have a pet companion beside you to spend quality time together especially if you’re living alone. Both of you surely enjoy any activity as long as you’re together, be it watching TV, eating your favorite foods or playing inside your home. However, you also need to take your pet outside every now and then for some change in surroundings.

The group of South Bellmore Veterinary Group is certain that you will surely enjoy your time together in a park in your neighborhood. Experience that good weather, fresh air, green grass, and trees, along with the beautiful flowers at the park. Don’t miss the chance to give a good experience to your pet, so let them play, exercise or even socialize with other animals and people. With those kinds of activities, your dog will surely exhibit physical and mental developments.

But bringing your pet to the park includes good supervision on your side as its owner as well. Indeed, you are in such a place to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company but don’t forget to also protect one another. Watch over your pet and make sure that it’s always in good condition.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group loves the idea of taking your pet to the park and having fun together, but the group requires you to guarantee the safety of your dog and with this, the following was made to help you protect your cherished companion all the time.

Tip #1: Don’t get too distracted. You must not let go of your dog if you’re not into the task of keeping away yourself from distractions. Your dog is your responsibility so never take your eyes away from them for too long. Monitor their body language as well and if something seems off, then calm their behavior and if there’s an occurrence of bullying, then take your pet away from those animals or people who are making fun of your dog.

Tip #2: Keep your pet’s toys at home. You can bring its tools for basic training but bringing with you the toys the pet loved might, unfortunately, result in some misunderstandings. We can’t avoid circumstances where other animals will also have a liking to your pet’s toy that could eventually lead to a fight because your dog might become too protective over its plaything. Some animals might become aggressive in stalking or being possessive over the toy so sadly, seeing tug-of-war or wrestling between them is very possible. You must put a stop to their playtime in case of unruly behaviors such as neck biting, excessive barking, pinning another dog down, or snapping at other animals.

Tip #3: Ensure right medication. You can’t stop the spread of a few infectious disease and parasites in the environment, but you can protect your pet against those that pose danger to its health. Give your dog proper medications to stay away from heartworms, fleas, and intestinal parasites. Your puppies should stay at home until they have taken all the needed vaccination shots, while your dog must be up-to-date with its vaccinations. Going outside can expose your pet to some diseases so ask your vet about the right vaccines to help lessen or even eliminate the risk of diseases that were especially found outside. Specifically, consider having your pet take Bordetella and Leptospira bacteria vaccinations.

You can create little adventures with your pet even in the park. But South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to keep in mind that with enjoyment comes also the responsibility to protect the health and safety of your dog.

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