South Island New Zealand – The Place You Should Visit At Least Once


“Which country in the world did you like most while traveling?” This was the question that my friend asked a few years ago. I had no hesitation in answering that it had to be New Zealand. Though I have been to many countries around the world, New Zealand far exceeded my expectations. And I would go as far as to say that South Island, New Zealand is really heaven on earth. Every person should visit South Island at least once in their lifetime according to me.

If you want to go on a South Island tour New Zealand then ensure that you get to visit some or all of the following places:

Mount Cook:

I loved traveling to Mount Cook. It is near the Lake Tekapo and the snow capped mountains are a treat to watch. It is part of the Southern Alps and you can see mountains upon mountains rising here. You can see huge glaciers here. If you opt for the air safaris you can view the mountains from high above as well as take in the beauty of the glaciers.


I love Queenstown. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you will love Queenstown. The city has grown from an an old gold mining settlement. I did my first bungy jumping here. I enjoyed jetboating for the first time here. I have also done some rafting and snowboarding too. I love my wines and I have travelled to many a wine country and enjoyed discovering the various tastes of wine. In Queenstown I was on a wine tour and I came across some very fine wines, the taste still lingers on in my mind. I also loved visiting a farm and shearing sheep. If you travel with your family then you should visit a farm and let the children learn about the animals and how they are taken care of at a farm.


Wanaka Lake always astounds me with its beauty. The township is a nice place to stay amidst the soaring mountains. This is the place I go to when I want to just laze around and relax and take a few photographs. There are many walking tracks that are scenic and you can walk among them and be one with nature. You can also visit the Puzzling World or the Toy and Transport museum.

Franz Josef Glacier:

If you like to visit glaciers then you need to visit Franz Josef. You can take part in ice climbing or glacier hiking. If you do not want to hike then you can go for a tour of the glacier on a helicopter. You can catch the scenic beauty on your cameras from high above.

Milford Sound:

Last but not the least is a visit to Milford Sound. The mountains, the snow, the waterfalls, the forests and even the life under the sea will leave you spell bound. You can go on cruises and enjoy the nature and if you want to be adventurous you can even opt for sea kayaking.

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