Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away Flights

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Are you looking for ‘wanna get away’ flights with Southwest Airlines? Well, you are in the right place. There are many fascinating things about Southwest Airlines, which will be most favorable for you on your getaway. Travelers throughout the world know Southwest Airlines Flights for offering cheap tickets. There is a wide selection of fares and bookings which every passenger can make. One of the special offers, which you will find with Southwest Flight Deals is called ‘Wanna get away’ fare.

Let’s learn more about the ‘Wanna get away’ flights at Southwest Airlines Official Site and how well you can take advantage of them during your trip.

What is Southwest ‘Wanna Get Away Fare’?

Most airlines offer different categories of fares for passengers. Southwest Airlines has various flight offers for the passengers, namely, Southwest Business select, Anytime Fares, Wanna Get Away fare and senior fares. Of all the fares offered by the airline, ‘wanna get away’ fare is the cheapest of all. The best about ‘wanna get away fare’ lies in its ticket is nominal, and it also helps passengers to save a lot of money on their travel. This type of fare is non-refundable. However, the amount can be applied for future travel with Southwest Airlines Flights.

What the Advantages are of Wanna Get Away Fares?

Despite its nonrefundable nature, wanna get away fares have numerous benefits:

Low fares

Wanna get away fare is very cheap. The low fare gets even below $40. With such low fare, you can easily make reservations with Southwest Flight Deals.


Not to forget, from low fare comes great saving. Passengers can save a lot of money. Along with saving, the travel experience becomes budget-friendly.

Excellent Services

Along with low fare, you can enjoy excellent service. You can get services like upgrades, change, boarding, seat selection, at a very affordable price. Besides, you will be served with in-flight meals.

What are the Policies of ‘Wanna Getaway Fares’ with Southwest Airlines?

There are certain policies that are attached to ‘Wanna Get Away fares ‘with Southwest Airlines. Let’s get quick information about them.

1.Fares are nonrefundable; however, it can be used for upcoming travel.

2.In case, the nonrefundable ticket is not used within the specified time period, the fare amount gets forfeited.

3.You can upgrade to Anytime Fare.

4. These fares are limited, and not available on all flights and dates

5.Wanna get Away fares have limited seating. You can get advance booking.

6.The prices of these tickets are subject to change until purchased

How to get refunds on Southwest Wanna Get Away Fares?

1.In case you do not want to travel after booking tickets, it has to be canceled 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.

2.The refund which comes in the form of travel funds can be used to make the purchase for upcoming travel. It can be canceled by calling the reservation center, or the customer support center of the airline. You can also cancel it online.

3.For future travel, passengers need to provide the confirmation number, ticket number and flight details like the date, or the origin, and the destination to the customer care executive.

4.In case if the ticket is not canceled, it will be considered as no show. The remaining unused funds will be forfeited.

Southwest Customer Care center provides assistance if you require further information. You can check for more at Southwest Airlines Official Site.