Spain Golden citizenship: How to apply for the nationality?

8th Dec 2016

Irrespective of being EU-national or non-EU national, once you have lived in Spain more than six months, you will not be taken as a tourist; rather you have to apply for the residence permit. After receiving millions of immigrants from European and non-European countries, State Government has revised residency policies to facilitate everyone to acquire legal rights to live like a native here. However, EU-nationals don’t need to renew their permits, in contrast to that candidate from other countries have to renew their permit after five years.

What is application process?

Individual looking for residency permit can start registration process after submitting an application at local police station. Once the authorities verify the criminal record of an applicant, they may use this documental proof to receive a residence permit. Moreover, eligibility to obtain Spanish citizenship totally depends upon the ancestral background, current nationality and length of the stay in the country. Legal placement is automatically given in several situations. For instance, if anyone of their parents is native residents if applicants born here and one among the parents also born there or even child of foreign parents born in Spain is eligible to receive legal placement to live here.

What is the residency requirement?

Whereas foreigners who don’t fall into the above category, have to maintain a ten-year residence permit before submitting the application for Spanish nationality. However, this doesn’t include political refugees, who are eligible to file request just after five years. Moreover, native from Latin American countries, the Philippines, Andorra, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea and Jews of this origin become eligible to acquire native rights just in a short period of two years. Besides this, applicants who are either born in Spain and outside Spain with a Spanish mother or father and those who get married with a native are eligible to obtain native rights after completing the residency of one year. Completing a period of residence immediately before the application is mandatory for all cases.

What happens if a foreign child is adopted by native?

If a child is less than 18 years old he will automatically become a native, however, if he is 18 years or older at the time of adoption, he will have to complete the application within the two years of adoption.

What are the documents required?

After completing residency requirements, candidates will proceed to submit their application to Minister of Justice. Essential documents that are required with form include birth certificate, marriage certificate (if relevant), parents birth and marriage certificates. All the documents must be translated into the official language of this territory. Non-EU applicants have to present VISA from the consulate in the home country, financial statement, medical certificate, passport and property purchase or investment contract in case of Spain golden visa with completed application form and fee.

Does Spain allow dual nationality?

Foreigners and EU-nationals instead of Portuguese and Latin Americans have to renounce their former nationality and swear to abide the constitution and laws of Spain.

Summary: Immigration laws are not same in all the countries. All you need to do is to understand the process and laws of territory where you want to live like a native.

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