Spiti: Trip that changed me as a Travel Photographer

3rd Aug 2018
Photo of Spiti: Trip that changed me as a Travel Photographer by Jai Thakur


See Spiti via Travel Photographer's perspective. This is the travel documentary film shot during a period of 12 Days which gives an overview of Spiti Valley, it's culture, food and people. Detailed video covers the interesting stories such as First Voter Of India, Tibetan Food, Monasteries and Monks, Covering of Mars and Milkyway Galaxy, Iconic Chacha Chachi Dhaba, Saving a birds life etc..

This movie was entirely shot on mobile phones (Motorola MotoG4 & OnePlus) and stills are from Nikon D810. © Jai Thakur I www.jaithakur.in

#TripotoAbHindiMein #HindiDiwas

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Wow Jai!!! That's simply beautiful. I already have Spiti in my travelling list, and your documentary has motivated me 1000 times more to go there. Amazing work :)
Wed 10 03 18, 02:44 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks a lot dear, you must visit Spiti. You will love it for sure.
Tue 12 25 18, 19:24 · Report