sports Computer prescription glasses cheap eyeglass frames


Computer Glasses has become a part of many days no shortage, glasses shopping mall have must plan now, but not completely standardized, there are still many cheap defect on market glasses have been sold to consumers. So consumer choose and buy computer glasses must be stable.

Those cheap Computer prescription glasses really "cheap"?

A pair of cheap defective glasses bring us under a lot of damage:

For children will affect the dispersion optical axis and amblyopia cure function, the bridge of the nose,

The teenagers will influence the development of myopia,

For adults will also affect the appearance and visual fatigue.


In general, the defect of glasses by underground factory unlicensed production, equipment simple, capital is very low, so extraordinarily low price quotation. In terms of computer eyeglasses lens materials, defect glasses resin matrix is not pure, can cause deformation of vision or syncope, dispersion effect is big, easy to cause visual exhaustion. So glasses really don't too greedy cheap, cheap capital usually means more low prices, is usually some glasses factory of unqualified goods.

And cheap computer gaming glasses contact lenses in the same exist more serious security hidden danger:

Simple cause eye infections, and even cause blindness. Many people in order to figure cheap, then through the network shopping. But cheap contact lenses easy cause eye diseases and even cause blindness. Experts say that many young people, especially college students, in order to save money is less than standard glasses chain do necessary check, as a matter of fact, in the view not only to replace glasses, is safe to eyes.


Above the so-called cheap glasses, bring a lot of damage to broad myopia brotherhood, there are some damage and even affect their life and work. So pc glasses of cent don't light thinking about price, more to think about these goods really suitable themselves! Other claims that we went to specification glasses chain fitting, there also have the right its cheap goods!

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