St. Francis Church Dalhousie | Chamba HP

Photo of St. Francis Church Dalhousie | Chamba HP 1/1 by Neeraj Dhiman

The lovely church of St. Francis is just a few kilometres from Subhash Chowk. Deodar tree branches encircle the church. The inside of the church contains some of the finest specimens of glass and brickwork. Every single wall of the church communicates and informs about its illustrious past. The church’s building is over a century old, but it still seems as if it was built yesterday.

The St. Francis Church, known as Dalhousie’s most notable monument, was built in 1894 by Army and Civil Officers and residents. The Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar has maintained and administered the church since then. The church is constructed in traditional British style and resembles several well-known English churches.

The priest’s residence is next to the church. The priest’s residence is known as ‘Alverna,’ also known as the ‘Lambe Chole Wale Padri Ki Kothi.’ The St. Francis Church of Goa is one of Dalhousie’s most popular attractions, with regular visitors throughout the year, especially during Sunday mass.