Stairway To Heaven

4th Apr 2016
Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain

What a beautiful feeling it is to wake up to a milk-white overcast April morning! The sun is hidden by a thick cotton blanket of clouds, and the air is filled with a concentration of blooming scent.

Day 1

I decided to start my journey early morning at 6:00 from Shillong as I wanted to make the most of this place. Cab fare from Shillong to Cherrapunji generally costs between Rs.1500-1800 roundtrip for the whole day. You can also get buses at the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Meghalaya office but they offer guided tours which does not cover the Double decker bridge. Since i was really keen on doing the same I decided to take the cab. It took about 2 hours to reach the starting point of the trek but they were the 2 most magical hours of my life. If I had to describe Cherrapunji in one line I would say- It's a magical land with its head perpetually in the clouds.

I reached the trek point at 8:00 am and started my trek.To my surprise I was the only one walking the path maybe because it was still early in the morning. Its a 7km trek with 3000 steps going down the hills and is definitely not for the faint hearted.It requires a lot of stamina and grit to trek to these natural wonders of nature.

Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain

On the way to the Double decker bridge, you have to cross two steel bridges. They were pretty shaky and I crossed them slowly, while being surrounded by raging waters..frightening in a way but amazingly impressive at the same time. Most of the route is pretty straight and can be done without hiring a guide. Make sure you carry some water and snacks with you as there are no food stalls in the entire route.

Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain

You can take your first stop at the Single roots bridge which is almost at a distance of 1 km and is pretty easy to reach. There is a diversion with a sign board to direct you to the same.

Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain

The only place you can stop to have a bowl of noodles and some tea is just a few minutes distance from the Double decker bridge. I am glad I took a halt there for some time and was privileged to meet the adorable family that lives in the same hut. It was an enriching experience and gave me a glimpse of their culture and lifestyle.

Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain
Photo of Stairway To Heaven by Pallavi jain

There is also a guest house located a few steps ahead of this for people who would want to stay overnight or take a halt for some time.

After almost 2.5 hours i reached the Double decker bridge. I still have the picture of its first sight captured in my mind and heart because for me this was indeed the stairway to heaven. You have an entry ticket of Rs. 100 and there you are.The roots of a Ficus elastica tree have grown over a period of at least 25 years along a small rope across the river, always put into the right direction, until it is developed into a bridge that could be paved with stones and can now hold upto 20 people at once. Because they are alive and still growing, the bridges actually gain strength overtime.

The chirping sound of birds accompanied by fresh breeze on my face with the never ending buzz of mosquitoes sums up the trek I undertook. These experiences may seem trivial but changed my outlook on everything I wanted the trip to be and how it changed everything I was.

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Beautiful description of a beautiful place..... Well done.
Tue 09 27 16, 14:24 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks :-)
Tue 09 27 16, 17:38 · Report
Thanks :-) If my writing can inspire one to travel I would love to keep writing .
Mon 09 26 16, 21:43 · Reply · Report
It's a nice read! It feels like I have visited the place while being miles away from Cherrapunji. The pictures and videos add icing on the cake. Waiting for the next blog!
Mon 09 26 16, 17:42 · Reply · Report