Starting Your Entrepreneurial Goals: What Are the Different Types of Business Loans and Why Your Com


Capital or money is a significant and primary requirement in starting a business. Your business operation including production, running the facilities, distribution, paying your employees and other miscellaneous bills will depend on your financial resources. Thus, your capital is your ticket in reaching your business goals. Hence, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming of his/her own business it is better to begin your path in this career with a hefty bank account for your capital in case you are planning to run a big business or just enough money to start your enterprise and let it operate for a couple of months. The first step to begin your business venture is to look for adequate financial resources. There are several ways which you can get a capital. Either you use your own money or make partnerships with your friends and relatives. But if you are short on both sides, there is nothing wrong if you resort to business loans. Most businesses today prefer to loan. Banks who lends money for businesses can offer the exact amount you need for your start-up company. There are various types of business loans which you can use. It is helpful to understand them first before you plan to borrow money from a bank.

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1. Line of Credit Loans

This type of business loan is a short-term one which is intended to supply inventory and operation costs. The loan you can get will be based on your cash and your existing inventory.

2. Professional Loans

This loan extends to all individuals with professional businesses like law firms and medical clinics. Most doctors and lawyers get this loan to fund their clinic. The funding can range from 2 to 6 months wherein the interest charges from 5% up to 10% which is dependent on the borrowed amount and duration of payment.

3. Franchise Start-Up Loans

This is reserved for franchising businesses which require at least 10% to 30% capital from the borrower. This loan is a secured one, thus, you have to use your company or personal asset as a form of collateral.

4. Equipment Financing

If you need finances to fund your facilities, equipment financing loans is the most ideal for your business. You can ask for this loan to purchase equipment and use it as collateral on the loan you made.

5. Small Business Loans

For small businesses, having SBA loans is an efficient way to supply your capital. The payment for this loan takes 5 to 20 years, so you can have time to pay for the loan. You wish to get an SBA loan you can ask for sba loan requirements at Lendio. Lendio is one among the most reliable SBA loan lenders. They can help you to start your business and begin your way to towards success. Furthermore, they also serve any type of business and provide a variety of short-term and long-term loans for entrepreneurs.

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