Stay Away from Sentinelese people in Andaman Nicobar Islands


Two men were fishing in Andaman and Nicobar island and their boat was wreked and they drowned to Sentinel island and were killed by Sentinelese people.

Sentinelese People in North Sentinel Island

Photo of Stay Away from Sentinelese people in Andaman Nicobar Islands 1/1 by Omkar Mahadik

It was very shocking for me that the tribes in India exist especially in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Here they call them Sentinelese people. I have read more news about the people from the various sources and from the Andaman people. They were in no contact to the modern world. Even when the Giant Tsunami killed many people in South East India and Andaman Islands, some Indian Helicopters were sent to save the Sentinelese people. But as a matter of fact, they started to attack them as they didn’t like the outsiders and somehow they were survived from Tsunami.

Reason for the Lack of Contact with the Outsiders

A Sentinel attacking Indian Helicopter

At first Andaman and Nicobar Islands were unexplored Islands and had people generally known as Andamanese living since 60,000 years ago. During the British civilisation in India, the Britishers came to Andaman to extend their kingdom but when they entered they were attacked and somehow these Britishers entered and build many buildings like Cellular jail, Courts and some Government buildings. These have created very angry to the native Andamanese people. One day, a Prisoner named Doodhnath escaped from Prison and captured by a tribal. After more requests to not to kill him, they became friends (with the first outside person) and was married to two women. Thereby, there is an increase in number of attacks from the Britishers. The tribal people has planned to attack Britishers but Doodhnath overheard the plan and he made a deal with Britishers and due to the effect, in the year 1859, many tribal people were killed by the bullets without any mercy in Aberdeen Bazaar and in history it was known as the Battle of Aberdeen. After the war, almost all tribals have known the effect of trusting outsiders. Also they were very well tortured and some has sent to Eastern India to clear the forests. Now they were separated and their numbers were eventually decreased.

What will happen if Sentinelese people come to Modern World?

1. Their language will be extinct.

2. They will be separated.

3. Sometimes, they will even be made as slaves.

4. Their happiness will be gone forever.

5. They will be introduced to the Political MNC environment., which imposes many taxes on living their life.

All will be go disadvantageous to them. So it is better to leave them alone. But some people were taking some steps to meet them but Indian Government has taken one step higher to leave them alone. Everybody deserves to live as they like.

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