A Walk-through of Dubrovnik- Streets and Alleys


As I sat to make this video, stitching several clips together, nostalgia struck me real hard. It pulled me back to the halcyon days of last December. All the clips in this video are shot in the Old Town region of Dubrovnik which is typically the area surrounded by the stone walls. The mesmerizing beauty of these streets has attracted many films and TV shows creators. The wide street at the timestamp of 1:54 in the video is the shooting location for Star Wars- The Last Jedi. The Walk of Atonement in the Game of Thrones TV series was shot at the street that is shown at the timestamp 2:40 of the video. Have you been to Dubrovnik? If not, let this video be a primer for your trip(if you are planning to and which you must!). 

Thanks for watching this video. Keep traveling and exploring.