Stroll onto the bushy peaks of Illickal Kallu

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Kerala is a destination which gives the travelers a home bound feeling when on a trip and all the places are related to the pristine beauty of nature. One such destination where the travelers can be at on their journey to the Gods own country is Illickal Kallu. It is located in the district of Kottayam and is a famous spot for tourism in Kerala. The travelers who are on their way to Vagamon on a Family holiday package to Kerala often take a stop at Illickal Kallu where the highest peak showcases the beauty of Western Ghats. Three hills together form the Illickal Mala where it is at a height of 4000 feet above the sea level. A trekking distance of three kilometers is required for the travelers to reach the peak. The destination is often visited by the families when en route Vagamon. The astonishing factor about it is that half of the rock only remains now as the rest of it is believed to have fallen off. 

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There are three parts to the Illickal Mala. The first hill in the peak is Kuda Kallu which is in the shape of a Mushroom or rather like an Umbrella. The other hill is named Koonu Kallu as it has a hunch back. A bridge named Narakapalam runs across this hill and the final hill is the ultimate Illickal Kallu. People reaching to the destination often find it similar to Kodaikanal which is a hill station located in Tamil Nadu. Jeep facilities are available to the peak where the travelers can park their vehicle beneath and hire the Jeep. As the way to the peak is steep, one should have expertise in driving skills to have a safe drive up to the hill. The perfect climate to travel to Illickal Kallu is post monsoon where the beauty of the peak can be enjoyed with fog that covers the destination. Families should be careful in taking their kids to the peak as the viewpoint has no safety barriers for protection.

Neela Koduveli which is known to be a medicinal herb grows at the Illickal Kallu the aroma of which is known to be very refreshing. Also when on the top, one would be able to see the Arabian sea as a tiny stream due to the distance between the two destinations. Capturing the sunset and sunrise from the peak is also a priceless view for the tourists. Families often carry food and mat to the top where they sit on the rock having a perfect family time. The clouds wander across the tourists where they have a majestic feeling of being on top of the hills. During the monsoon season, it is hard to get up to the top but the monsoon drizzle is worth the effort taken to reach up to the peak.

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Other than families, a lot of youngsters also flow to the destination where they get to set off on a rock climbing expedition in groups at the location. The place is also a paradise for the people who are fond of being on the tough trails of trekking. The trekkers can also take the route of Kattikayam Waterfalls where 2km hike through the bushes is always an adventurous expedition. While climbing up, streams of water that form the Meenachil River can be seen. The view of the hill along with these streams is indeed a scenic delight. A lot of other destinations in Kottayam also offers to provide the tourists with sightseeing among which few of the places are Kattikayam Waterfalls and Ilaveezhapoonchira where the flawlessness of nature can be witnessed.

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