Subah Banaras | Sunrise in Varanasi


For me going to Varanasi means a feeling of being elated to see the ghats, which are always full of activity. Right from something like sunrise which can be a substitute for a good beginning to death which is suppose to be the end of it all, the ghats summarise an entire lifetime in front of your eyes. I have tried to explore ‘the sunrise’ in this film and shall leave death for later. Super stoked for this upcoming upload.

Pramod Mishra is one of the few people behind Subah Banaras which is organised every morning, for about 2 years straight now on the Assi Ghat. He has been in Varanasi since birth and seen how this ancient city welcomes people not only from India but outside as well. Baba Shiva Das came to Varanasi from Italy more than fourty years ago and fell in love with it. He spent many years with his guru and other sadhus who taught him many things. The story of all these years spent on the ghats of Ganga seems to be written on his face.

This video was originally uploaded on Ethereal.