Sun, Sea and Sand at Goa

Photo of Sun, Sea and Sand at Goa 1/1 by Neha Chauhan

A Big hello to All????

We just returned after rubbing our bums on the Goan sands, India's most preferred holiday destination. We are no virgins to Goa, this was our third time for Goa and boy it was fascinatingly addictive as usual.

This was more of a Leisure trip than a touristy one. we came here to celebrated our 3rd marriage anniversary and 10yrs of togetherness. God has been kind to allow us for travel and experience this amazing land of red soil.

Since we been here few times and many of my friends were interested to know why I keep returning back to this place. I wrote down a quick guide for GOA which can tempt you making quick plans.

      Things you can enjoys in Goa with your Family, as Couple, with Kids or Friends...

        Beach hopping- Goa is always famous for its beaches. You can have a beach day everyday while you are here. You have options to choose from north and south Goa. While North is more touristy, South is for hibernating creatures like us who just want to laid on beach all day having sun, food and drinks as their staple.
        Water sports Adventure- I am an adventure lover and have done almost all the water sports available here like Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Free Diving, Banana boats to name a few. But didn't done any of them this time around as you need to have a partner for that and apparently mine is the one who only want to hold tight his beer and lying on the beach half naked.

        Bar & Shacks- Bars, Pubs, Karaoke Beach shacks.. You can have it all in here. Do whatever you want to do nobody cares. Wear whatever you want, Sing as bad as you can, nobody cares in Goa. Just be yourselves. For a change nobody will ask for a power point presentation before you perform. Just have a beer and sing along ????
        Churches and Sightseeing- Goa has number of churches that has significance in Catholic mythology. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one such church and must visit. Its in old Goa & is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.There's story with the saint that still holds true. The body of Francis Xavier was first taken to Portugal and two years later shipped back to Goa. It is said that the saint's body was as fresh as the day it was buried and it still looks fresh since 1622. You can see his "incorrupt" Body at the church.

      ## Sightseeing Spots like Fort Aguada and Light House it that is still functional.

      ##Casino are a big rage in here,If you are into gambling. Have an experience of it.

        Markets- Though their are many Road side markets along with the Coast Line. But Its the Night Markets that makes the experience for the tourists. Arpora Saturday Night Market is the one we been to this time. If you want to experience Goa's Hippie Culture and Portuguese residents still living in here, this is the place to be. Its a Must Visit if you are traveling as a couple or with Friends. With Family not so much though. Ask your hotel for night markets near them.
        Long Drive- Most of the Travelers like us can hire a two wheeler or a four wheeler at 300INR to 1000INR/day. You can explore the lush green Paddy Hills and Coconut, Palm trees. Go to a Distant place and start Fishing. Have a Picnic at a remote Beach.

      Go Now!!!

      Go Next Week!!

      Go Next Year!!!

      But GO...

      How do you like the post.. do share if you already been to Goa or planning to go!!!!!

      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
      Photo of Goa, India by Neha Chauhan
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