Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune


Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune

People used to ask me most of the time that sunset would be same everyday then why do you see it everyday? What do you enjoy everyday?

Let me ask you, you would like to thank somone at the end of the day for helping you, for saving you or for any of the reason right ?

So sunset is the event that gives you the chance about good things happen in your whole day, and at the end you would know to whom you should thank, moreover what is the best thing you have done, what are the improvements needed and of course it'll sharpen your photography skills (jokes apart ;))

Now, Let me describe about the beautiful Sunday which has started very badly. Some plans got cancelled, some things didn't happen the way it should happen and with many more negativity. At the end I came up with some satisfactory activities like plantation, sunset and yummy food.

So, I started with plantation and maintains of the plants. Thanks to my friends who helped me in this activity. After completing Plantation I searched for the new place for sunset and as usual I was little late to reach at that place for sunset. I also asked my friends to join. Now the time starts, until they would come out of the society gate I'll keep telling them hurry up otherwise the sunset would be missed ! This is the usual event, which occur for every sunset (ha ha ha !!).

So Finllay We left home by 4:55 for Durga tekdi and it's around 10-12 km from Wakad, Pune. As usual riding little rough with less petrol to reach at the point on time. Finally, we reached there at 5:35 and after paying entry fees we headed towards the garden come hill. The best place for the kids and one who doesn't want to climb much for sunset. The place is really good for all adults as well as kids. The timing is 11 AM to 6 PM. I would say a must visit place for natural lovers, peace lovers and lazy people to make the day little refreshed.

Here are some beautiful clicks of today as the clouds made the sky magnificent. I would surely like to visit this place little early so that I can explore it little more and can spend some peaceful time there.

Photo of Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune 1/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune 2/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune 3/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune 4/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Durga Tekdi, Pune 5/5 by janki sata
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