Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi


Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi

This is about sunset at one of my favorite place for solo travelers and it's Matanga hill Hampi. I have been there twice but I have seen the sunset only once. I met few solo travelers there and it's the awesome part of my trip to Hampi. Matanga hill is one of the places from where one can see the sunset as well sunrise and I saw both. Matanga hill is near to Hampi bazaar only. It'll take around 30 min to one hour to reach on the top. There are many tracks for Matanga hill. Generally there are two most famous track from that one is from Krishna temple and one is little tough which should be taken with known or local as you have to take care about proper path. Though there is nothing like danger there but it would take more time if you would not take proper track. I felt that when I was going for sunrise as it was totally dark in the morning.

Now If I would talk about my visit to Matanga hill then I planned sunset and sunrise there. After visiting few historical structures, I started towards Matanga hill. As I was new there, one local group helped me to reach on the top. When I reached on the top I got amazed as the view is extremely beautiful there. It was the panoramic view of whole Hampi with million boulders and Tungabhadra river and also sunset. Though the sky was bit cloudy but sunset happened and below are the sunset pics. After that I along with the person who worship the god there and few solo travelers started going down as it was dark the local person helped us by showing the direction.

In my next visit I was there with my few friends and as it was monsoon I couldn't see the sunset but as I mentioned view was extremely beautiful and specially it was greenery everywhere because of monsoon.

One special point about Hampi is people are very polite and supportive there and You'll find many home stays on both the side of river. The other side of river is specially for bag packers and solo travelers.

Below are the clicks from Matanga hill, which has been clicked by different devices and in different seasons.

Photo of Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi 1/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi 2/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi 3/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi 4/5 by janki sata
Photo of Sunset at Matanga hill, Hampi 5/5 by janki sata
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