Sunshine on a cloudy day!! 


It was the 6th day of Kashmir Great Lakes trek in the Himalayas, a beautiful evening which I still remember like it happened yesterday. After a long day of trekking, singing songs on the way, admiring the beautiful flowers, enjoy eating the most delicious wild strawberries in the trail, being closest friends with people I only met 5 days ago, we reached our campsite. Our trek leader had told us about the Harmukh Mountain, the top part of the mountain is covered by clouds almost 95 % of the time. He also mentioned that we are lucky if we could witness the top of the mountain at least once during our stay in the campsite. We had pitched our tents near the Gangbal Lake. I was exploring the campsite, I sat near the Gangbal lake staring at the beautiful turquoise blue water and falling in love with the serenity of the place. Suddenly, the weather seemed to a get a little sunny. I could see the reflection of the sun in the water, it looked like diamonds floating on the surface of water, I turned to the other side to find out that I could see Harmukh.I sat in that rock in awe of the beauty of this mighty mountain. It was capped with snow and the glacier on the mountain looked like they were made of crystals, it felt as though someone picked me up and dropped me in a land of paradise. It was one of those moments when I wanted the time to stand still. My words will not do justice to how spell bounding the sight was, I lived that moment and I still relive that moment every time I think of that beautiful evening when the sun rays kissed my skin during the freezing weather and my eyes saw the most spectacular sight in the world.

And here is my picture of the most amazing people I met during the trek. One of the best trek groups ever, this trek was organized by Bangalore Intrepid Trekkers ( BIT ). Trekker Intrepidi!!

Photo of Sunshine on a cloudy day!!  1/1 by Cynthia Josef
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