#SwipeRightToTravel Following Passion and Love!! ;-)

3rd Feb 2017

So I was on a business trip to Chicago recently for like two weeks and decided to head to Miami for a weekend getaway along with a very close friend. Instead of taking a flight, we decided to book a Mustang GT (our dream ride) and make it a road trip which turned out to be super amazing ;-)

I’m a certified scuba diver and I make sure I dive wherever possible. So obviously we were in Miami and it has like the best places to dive, I had to jump in. I made my friend dive too. We had decided that since I’m into diving, I would be taking care of the diving section (like the planning, arrangements and stuff) and since my friend lives in US, he would be taking care of the night life in Miami after diving ;-)

So as decided, we came back to our hotel, slept for a while and then got ready for the big night. Since I’m a beach lover (which comes from my diving background), I insisted my friend to head to the south beach which is like one of the coolest beaches in the world. We did pub hopping there, had few drinks and then drove down to one of the busiest areas in Miami. I wasn’t completely aware of the plan as we had decided that the “night scene” would be his department, so I dint even question. To my surprise, he took me to a place (I won’t specify the name) which was basically a strip club ;-) For the initial few minutes I was like completely shocked and nervous as it was my first time ever seeing so many erotic, hot, beautiful, splendid and stunning women in “bikini wear” or “just nothing” in front of my eyes. I was damn nervous and I dint know what to do. I was basically following my friend’s lead: P

Just to give a background about myself, I was in an eight years relationship earlier. The relationship did not work out “even after being in relationship for so long”. And here, I’m in front of like the sexiest ladies in the world who are ready to throw themselves on you .Just so that you know; me and my friend had enough money that night, so the money was not the issue. The issue was to convince myself to bring out the “naughty, erotic and wild” part of me and just going with the flow, come what may.

I remember my friend had asked me to pick a girl. For me, it was like selecting from a bunch of hottest girls that you can ever imagine. I somehow managed to get my pick and told my friend that I liked the girl in blue bikini. The next thing I knew was the same girl was holding my hand and taking me inside a private room for a lap dance, I was damn nervous but at the same time, I was super excited. From the moment I saw that girl, I kind of fell in love with her. And when we entered the room, I mean me being a “long term and commitment kinda guy” and being half drunk, I started my “raam katha” (break up, relationship fuck ups) with that angel when she was about to give me a lap dance, I mean can you imagine someone doing like that? For the next 10 mins, she was sitting on top of me and we were just talking. She was telling her stories, what she wants to do in life, her next goals, what makes her work as a stripper and the struggles. And the thing with me is, when I'm drunk, I'm very much capable of bringing out the emotional stuff out of a person. The girl was from Slovenia and obviously because of our intense conversation and sharing like the "emotional stuff", I personally think that she got pretty comfortable. She even extended my “stay” in the private room and the next thing I realized was she started getting emotional. I was questioning my self that "Dude what the fuck are you up to? You should just relax, stop talking and have some fun". I could not take she getting emotional. I wanted to make her feel good at any cost, after all, I had fallen for her already when I saw her the first time :P So I decided to give “her” a lap dance myself (sounds filmy right? well, that's what I did). I picked her up, made her sit on the couch and told her to relax for 5 mins. I took off my T shirt, started dancing in front of her (made sure that I did all the funny dance moves which would make her laugh). The plan worked and the next thing I see – she was laughing out loudly seeing my dance and the craziness I was doing just to make her feel good.

We came out after like 20-25 mins and she told me that the experience that she had inside the private room was completely different. I asked her if she wanted to keep in touch and she gave me her Facebook id immediately and asked me to keep in touch. I don’t know if this happens with everyone who goes to a pub like this but to my defense and honesty, it’s been one week and we are constantly in touch and it’s been amazing. If I win this competition, I would love to take her (the gorgeous angel) with me on a trip :-)

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