Holi at Vrindavan

16th Mar 2019
Day 1

Spending your childhood in a small town translates holi into a festival when you can't leave the house because it's not safe outside. This year because of work me and my siblings couldn't get back to our hometown. Luckily another friend of mine was also in town. So we decided to go to Vrindavan for holi..!!

Day 1 was just taking a train at night from Delhi to Mathura. There are a lot of trains that leave from Delhi and have Mathura as a halt. We just went to the New Delhi railway station and took a ticket on the next train going to Mathura.

Upon reaching Mathura, we stayed at my friend's place but there are a lot of options available such as OYO, etc.

Day 2

Day 2 we woke up early, thoroughly oiled ourselves and started for Vrindavan. We had a personal transport vehicle but commute to Vrindavan is easy as the distance is only 12 km and autos come and go regularly.

Since there was a lot of traffic, we decided to get off a little far from the temple and walked. It was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life..thousands of people walking towards the temple..singing the best of holi songs...playing lightly with colour...pranking each other. It took us about 4-5 hours to get to the temple and back to our cars, which certainly was exhausting, but gave us a memory to cherish for our lifetimes.

Btw when hungry in Vrindavan, you must have poori sabji with lassi in Vrindavan.

That was my trip to Vrindavan and I hope it inspires you venture into the lanes of Vrindavan too.

Photo of Holi at Vrindavan by Sakshi Futela
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