Taj Mahal Tour Packages – Most Fascinating Monument of India

15th Sep 2017

Taj Mahal is the most popular attraction of North India. This epitome of love has been crowned as the one of the seven wonder of the World which is explored by the regular visitors who comes from diverse place of the World. This is made by white marble building attracts a million tourists every year. This grand mausoleum building built by the emperor of Mughal Shah Jahan in 1648 AD in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This grand monument took 22 years to complete while working day & night with the help of 20,000 workers. This monument made up white marble which imported from different places. The designing of this grand structure are embedded with 28 types of precious and semi-precious stone.

Photo of Taj Mahal Tour Packages – Most Fascinating Monument of India 1/2 by Ayla Kell
The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and some Western historians have noted that its architectural beauty can never be surpassed. Its unmatched architectural beauty is beyond sufficient explanation, for the most part at early morning sunrise and sunset. It looks totally diverse if you view it for the duration of full moon night. If you also really want to rejoice it then visits this on a cloudy morning. All the visitors experience the Taj Mahal Tour Packages which has the beautiful attraction viewed from across the Yamuna River.

Photo of Taj Mahal Tour Packages – Most Fascinating Monument of India 2/2 by Ayla Kell
Yamuna River at Taj Mahal
Day 1

Agra is the land of Taj Mahal which is known for its eternal love story and city of rich historical heritage and architectural monument which are explored by a large number of travelers every year. Explore the Mughal buildings and most famous Taj sightseeing. Enjoy Agra Day Tour By Car and unique experience in Agra sightseeing. Beside of that you can also indulge yourself with fine work of art handicraft and some typical delicacies savor and get insight into its elements of vibrant culture.

Book the best travel packages in India and Taj Mahal visit at Agra city. If you want to explore Incredible Indian trips with your family.

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