Tallest Statues in India You Haven't Heard of


Darisi Sumanth

Photo of Tallest Statues in India You Haven't Heard of by Shashank

For centuries, India has been the land where religion and spirituality are fostered. Go on a trip through the streets of India, and the only thing that probably comes close to the variety of food on offer are the gods and goddesses of our country. Others might call it an obsession. Maybe they haven’t read about Italy or France. Maybe they haven’t seen Christ the Redeemer overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro. Our country has its own collection of mighty statues, of what is holy and pure. Here is a list of the tallest statues in India.

Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami

Paritala Anjaneya Temple is dedicated to Hanuman, and is the tallest statue of Hanuman in the world. It is located in Andhra Pradesh, in the village of Paritala on NH-9, approximately 30 kilometres from Vijayawada. Installed in 2003, this figure of Hanuman stands 41 metres tall, and is taller than Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, making it the tallest statue in India (but only for a few more years.)

Location: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Height: 41 metres

Completed in: 2003

Credit: Darisi Sumanth

Photo of Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India by Shashank

Located atop a small island near Kanyakumari on the southernmost point of India, where the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet, the Thiruvalluvar Statue or the Valluvar Statue stands serenely. It is a 40.6 metre long statue of the Tamil poet and philosopher Tiruvalluvar who wrote Tirukkural. The whole design signifies that wealth and love can only be earned and enjoyed on the foundation of solid virtue. It was unveiled on the millennium day of 1 January, 2000.

Location: Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Height: 40.6 metres

Completed in: 1999

Credit: devsutapabublu

Photo of Tathagata Tsal (Buddha Park), Ravangla, Ralong Road, Ravangla, Sikkim, India by Shashank

Tathagata Tsal or the Buddhist Park of Ravangla is situated near Rabong in south Sikkim district. This 39-metre long statue of Buddha was consecrated in 2013 by the 14th Dalai Lama, marking the occasion of the 2550th birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. The statue lies within the confines of the Rabong Gompa, a centuries-old place of pilgrimage. The Cho Djo lake is also located within the complex, and the site has become a stop on the Himalayan Buddhist Circuit.

Location: Ravangla, Sikkim

Height: 39 metres

Completed in: 2013

Credit: BhaskaraNaidu

Photo of Dhyana Buddha Park, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, India by Shashank

The Dhyana Buddha statue is a statue of Buddha in Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of Krishna river along with eight pillars on a lotus pandal. The site is spread over an area of 1.8 hectares. The statue has a museum inside it while the eight pillars signify the path to salvation followed by Buddha. History links Amaravathi to Buddhism with the legendary king Asoka, who became a devout Buddhist later in life, but there is no concrete proof of this apart from the ruins of Amaravathi Mahachaitya.

Location: Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh

Height: 38 metres

Completed in: 2015

Statue of Padmasambhava

Credit: John Hill

Photo of Tallest Statues in India You Haven't Heard of by Shashank

Located in the village of Rewalsar near Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, this particular statue is of unique significance in Tibetan Buddhism. Padmasambhava or Lord Rinpoche was an Indian Buddhist master, credited for the construction of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet. He is known as a ‘second Buddha’ across Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and the Himalayan states of India. This 37.5-metre long statue of Padmasambhava was completed in 2012.

Location: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Height: 37.5 metres

Completed in: 2012

Credit: Prashant Sahu

Photo of Shiva Statue, ಮುರ್ಡೇಶ್ವರ್ ದೇವಸ್ತಾನ ಮುಖ್ಯ ರಸ್ತೆ, Murudeshwara, Karnataka, India by Shashank

After the statue in Nepal (Kailashnath Mahadev Statue), the statue of Shiva in Murudeshwara is the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. Located in Murudeshwara, near the ancient Murudeshwara temple in Karnataka, this mighty Shiva extends to a height of 37 metres, and sits peacefully on the coast of Arabian Sea. According to legends, this is the site where Ravana famously put down the famous Atma Linga, having already been warned by Shiva not to do so.

Location: Murudeshwara, Karnataka

Height: 37 metres

Completed in: 2006

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