Tathastu, pench, for wanderers


If you are a wanderer in seach of that perfect Eden where you can forget about your inner demons and soak in the pure thrill of nature and being in its lap, Tathastu Resort at Pench is just the place for you.

The best part is that while you drown your mundane blues in this virtual haven, there are people here who are trained to treat you like royalty, no less! We walked along and discovered some gems enjoying a nature trail. Trying our hand at archery and rowing row a boat, literally was fun. The trips to jungle are all about wildlife and adventure goals.

My friend fell in love with the temperature controlled pool while I just couldn't get enough of the tribal artisans creating magic with brass and terracotta.

The beautiful tents filled with artefacts and aethetically put together interior soothed my tired soul. That's a place where you feel like eating and enjoy each morsel made with a lot of love...

It's been a year that I visited Tathastu....and missing it acutely. Didn't i say there is something compelling about the place..???

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