Terpenoids In Colorado Springs

28th Mar 2017

I recently traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was blessed to meet the team at Entourage Nutritional- CBD Wholesale.

They have a laboratory dedicated to extracting the cannabidiol from hemp plants, a very time consuming and strenuous process, overseen by world class scientists. I talked with the executives and found out that a lot of hemp oil companies do not use the highest quality extracts available to people. I learned that co2 extraction is the way to save a very high amount of terpenes, and at the same time, eliminate THC.

They also guided me to a website that has a lot of great scientific information about terpenes, called Terpenoids.net

I recommend that if you are a wholesale purchaser to checkout more information at Terpenoids.net

They said that you can call them anytime about questions you have about these molecular ingredients.

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