Terrific Trip To The East India

7th Apr 2019
Day 1

On 10th October 2018 at midnight 1:30 am from Shamshabad airport to Delhi airport me and my friends had a flight to have a trip to most of the places in East India and Delhi.
We reached the Delhi airport by 5:45 and we went to Amritsar by a bus and reached there by 10:30 p.m. and we reached our hotel by 11:00 p.m.

Day 2

The next day we woke up by 7:30 am to have a heavy Amritsari breakfast which included naan and paneer ki sabzi and rasgulla for sweet dish .After our breakfast we went to a historical place called jallian wala bagh. We say the amar jyoti and the well full of blood. It was the well where the people jumped into to save themselves from the British soldiers. There were even bullet marks on the wall. After a tour in jallianwala bagh we went to golden temple. For our lunch we had the Langar which was offered in the golden temple. We spent our time in the golden temple till the afternoon. Afterwards we went back to our hotel to have rest. In the evening we went to the market place and did some shopping and we came back to our hotel. We had our dinner and we went to sleep.

Day 3

The next day we had our breakfast and went to a museum. There were many types of historical types of items and coins and weapons. After going to museum we went to a art gallery where there many types of unique paintings. We had our lunch and then we were about to go to wagah border the border between India and Pakistan. There were many Indian and Pakistani soldiers who did an event with many marches. At the last we sang our national anthem and concluded the program. We went back to our hotel and slept.

Day 4

The next day we had to wake up extremely early to go to our next destination which was my favourite Dalhousie. We started from Amritsar by 9 am and we reached Dalhousie by 7 pm and it was an extremely tiring journey. When we reached there it was freezing cold. We reached our hotel and had our dinner and slept.

Day 5

We had a wonderful view of the mountains from our hotel. We had our breakfast and went to a hill for mountain climbing. We spent almost an hour at the top of the hill. We came down and we travelled to an art gallery in the tempo traveller. We came back to our hotel to have our lunch and rest there. We just spent our time in the hotel playing table tennis and other sports. Then we had our dinner and slept.

Day 6

Early in the morning when I woke up the temperature was almost 15 degree. We quickly had our breakfast and we were about to go to an adventurous trip to Khajjiar.

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