Thachi the Enigmatic Valley


Thachi Valley has remained off the traveller's radar for a very long time now. Located in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), this paradise deserves everyone's attention. Lack of information about it, is the main reason this little hamlet doesn't get as many travellers as it counterpart, Tirthan Valley.

Thachi is accessible round the year, with each season giving a different shade of the valley. During summertime, the sky is clear, the smell of wood is in the air, the valley is green and you would just love to camp under glittering stars. During wintertime, the valley turns white and you can witness some incredible sunsets.

Why travel to Thachi Valley

It is a paradise for nature lovers, there are unexplored trekking trails, waterfalls with no one around for miles and untouched camping sites.

Here is a list of places you should not miss while visiting Thachi:

Gaun Beed Waterfall/Plateau Trek

Located at an altitude of 2,000  metres, you will have to trek through Deodar forests to reach this waterfall. Once you get there, it would seem like water is falling from the clouds. The waterfall is located in such a way it is only visible from the mountain in front or from just below it. A lot of people call it the mystical waterfall because of this reason.

Hidab Peak

A trek to this peak is a must if you want to experience the best of Thachi Valley. During winter, it is completely covered in snow and during summer its lush green, with flowers blooming everywhere. You can have a 360-degree view of the valley from here with snow-clad peaks at the horizon.

The Bithu Narayan Temple

This temple is said to be almost two centuries old and considered as one of the oldest temples of India. Bithu Narayan is another name for Lord Vishnu and the temple has a lot of religious significance attached to it. The wooden architecture and carvings make you feel like you are in a different era.

Chajwala Peak

This peak is covered in snow for 4 months and you can cover Bithu Narayan Temple and Hidiba Peak while reaching here. You can find sheep grazing and locals playing on the meadows at the top. The trek is around 12km, to and fro from Thachi.

Ashu Alli Waterfall

This is another waterfall you would love to visit, although reaching till the waterfall is tricky and considered as tough. But you won't regret once you reach there. First you will reach Ashu Dev Temple, after passing the temple you will come across a stream which has a similar name. After walking for 20 minutes through the stream you will reach the waterfall.

Although Thachi is not very populated, they still host a festival dedicated to Bithu Narayan once every four years. People from all over dress up in vibrant colours and dance in celebration all night long during the Fagli festival. It is celebrated between February end and mid March.

When to go

You can visit Thachi Valley anytime of the year. Its lush green during summer months, flowers are blooming and the streams are full of water. During the winter months everything turns white and adds an extra dimension to its beauty.

How to reach

By air: Bhuntar has the nearest airport, 45km from Thachi. You will have to take a taxi from there.

By road: You can take any bus from Delhi going towards Manali and get down at Aut. From there you will have to take a taxi.

Getting around

The only way to explore places in Thachi Valley is by trekking.


Since this place is not a tourist hub, you have to pre-book accommodation. There are just a couple of homestay options available and if they are occupied, it could get very difficult finding other options.

You can visit to book accommodation or taxi for Thachi Valley.

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