That was the most funny incident | Hampi to Tirupati | #ALifeOnATrain

27th Jan 2020
Day 1

I love trains, I prefer travelling in trains always. I make some interactions with fellow passengers. But that day, I was tired after a long day in Hampi want to sleep immediately once I get into train. I got a bus upto Guntakal & waited in waiting room for train arrival. My train is few mins late & it has arrived.

I entrain is in search for my berth. Yeah here I am but I found a young boy is sleeping deeply in my SU berth. I tried waking him up to get settle, their family members are in same cupay objected me & requested me to adjust in SL. I denied their request b'coz of cold breeze from outside, I said "I feel comfortable in SU berth, so I cannot sleep in SL". Having no other option, they wake up young boy. He is in half sleep & he struggled to climb down, atlast I got my berth & get settled. Soon I went to sleep without wasting much time in mobile or doing anything

Train has crossed couple of stations, young boy woke me up, I found a person standing behind him. I looked at both of them. Person said SL is his berth. I said, okay sleep there SL is not mine, SU is mine.  Young boy's family members interfered said they have confirmed ticket & shown their tickets.
I have shown my ticket as well to them as it is also confirmed. They had a look into my ticket, looked at me, starred at me, said "This is not confirmed ticket, it is in RAC, you have to share berth with this person", I rechecked it & they are absolutely correct. Here, that young boy again got disturbed. I felt sorry seriously & I said "I am so sorry, please excuse me". To my surprise, they didn't yelled at me which I expected but said it's okay. I shared my berth with other person in my RAC berth.

I felt so awkward with the situation, not looking at them at least just looking into the dark outside from window. If there are any accidental eye contact, I m smiling & saying "I am sorry & please excuse me" for few times.

This was observed by my berth mate, he asked me, what happened? I explained about situation happened using hand gestures as well ended saying "I felt sorry, really I felt sorry for that boy". This narration was observed by one of their family members as well & he smiled. I got a call from one of my friends, after general talk again I narrated this same stupid situation to him also "I really felt sorry for that boy but I don't know how they took it". After speaking to my friend, bcoz of eye contact from them, I smiled. He smiled.

They started playing cards for fun, I joined them. After couple of games again I said sorry to whole family, this time everyone started laughing & me too. Later on interactions are nice with good conversations. On the other side, my RAC partner is sleeping with a nice snoring. I am imagining what would happen if I sleep there. It was hilarious. I felt comfortable after some time. Time has just passed. Soon I started calling by giving relation to each one of them like Anna, babai, Thammudu, pinni...

They went to sleep, I adjust sitting in my berth but not sleeping. After few hours I about to reach my destination, boy woke up, I said hello to him, asked to take it easy. I arrived.

Bye to all, hope to see you again, that was a most memorable funny incident happened in a solo trip & felt so comfortable with strangers later on.

Loved this....!

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