The 5 Best Locations for Snorkeling in Honduras


The 5 Best Locations for Snorkeling in Honduras

Snorkeling for many, will bring true adventure, relaxation and information about the underwater world. Today, we are going to go over where are some of the best places to go snorkeling in the country of Honduras.

Punta Sal National Park

Located on the Western side of Tela, this place is a complete paradise for snorkelers wanting to enjoy a true Caribbean involvement! Punta Sal National Park has astonishing white sand, absolutely breathtaking wildlife, which is always a must when it comes to snorkeling, and the crystal-clear waters surround the park at a most heavenly atmosphere! This park has a remarkable school of parrot fish, angelfish and even dolphins in which you’ll be sharing the waters with! Another place to see parrot fish is in the Florida Keys.

Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place is one of the most popular spots in Honduras when it comes to snorkeling and scuba diving. Mary’s Place is located on the South side of Honduras and completely revolves around a gigantic crevice. Here, a snorkeler can find hidden within the depths of the ravine, octopi, crabs, as well lobsters and sometimes little sea turtles will make their presence known! Pretty neat, right? That’s not all! Snorkelers will sometimes run into little sea horses jumping around within the rocks and sometimes, red starfish soothing on the sand! This place is definitely a home to the adventurous spirits! If there’s a place in Honduras that most resembles snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii or Oahu, Hawaii it’s got to be Mary’s Place.

Cayos Cochinos

This place has a high reputation for its animated collection of tiny coral islands, which sit in the most iridescent turquoise waters! The Cayos Cochinos actually belong to the second highest barrier reef, as well are the archipelago of actually thirteen coral rays and home to two very gorgeous volcanic isles! In fact, Cayos Grande is the principal of the volcanic islands, which is the only one where tourists are actually allowed to snorkel! Now, the actual waters of the Cayos Cochinos are simply filled with breathtaking wildlife, including banded butterfly fish, sea cucumbers, queen conches, anemones, jellyfish, and even barracuda! Amazing, right?

Chepes Beach

Now, this actual location is a place more of the unknown side of Honduras, but is the flawless budget for any snorkelers’ dream spot for adventure! Chepes Beach has amazing sand flats, as well patch reefs that can be positioned just a few meters from the shore. Snorkeling at Chepes Beach can be compared to beach snorkeling on a Caribbean island or in the Bahamas.

Travel a little further on out and you will be astounded with an exciting edge that offers out a thrilling drop off! Snorkelers will be able to see some of the most outstanding, remarkable wildlife around! Some electrifying animals in which call Chepes Beach home are wildlife such as turtles, spotted trunkfish, dolphins, yellow stingrays, as well many more thrilling species to look at and swim with!


Nope, this isn’t the state as your mind would normally go right toward, but this is a location in Honduras, located in on the Western tip of Roatan! Texas is an amazing place to go snorkeling because it’s home to the oh so popular, hammerhead shark! Because of its location, there is actually a constant supply of food which is transported in by the currents, so schools of jacks, tangs, snappers, as well hammerheads are brought in on a daily basis! What a more interesting and “challenging” spot to snorkel!

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