The A-Z Of Scuba Diving In Goa - Everything You Need To Know


If you are from India and have waited for the adventure from long back, then we are here for you. The place wherein you may have interaction in adventure activities is proper close to your home. It is none apart from Goa. Though Goa is extra related to parties, rest Activities. Adventures referring to water sports also are without problems to be had in this tremendous region. Scuba Diving has been now developing popularity for the past few years. If you're making plans for a Goa trip and you're considering Scuba diving, here is everything you want to know about Scuba Diving in Goa.

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Goa is pleasant for trying scuba diving. Since the water in Goa is an awful lot strong and calmer. You get pretty little underwater currents whilst deep scuba diving in Goa. Not most effective, however you get to do scuba diving at a charge that is pretty much less than every other place. Goa gives a number of the pleasant low cost packages for scuba diving or snorkeling or kayaking. Scuba diving charges in Goa are very cheap and can be afforded by every type of visitor. But earlier than going to Goa, there are a few vital pieces of data that you need to recognize.

You might also additionally already know this, that Grande island is the place wherein heaps of travelers each year come here to try out the adventure activities and watersports sports in Goa. Grande island is Goa is one of the freshest spots for availing scuba diving Activities due to the particular capabilities the packages there come with. You get to report movies and take pix of the whole trip. You will in no way overlook the wonderful view of plants and fauna which you'll get to come upon on the time of your diving consultation. Before undertaking any hobby which forces you to head underwater, you need to have the important certificate which deem you to be fit. In case you've got any deadly situation or disease, you'll now no longer be allowed to examine scuba diving.

Equipment for scuba diving

To effectively examine scuba diving, you need to be geared up with gears to continue to exist underwater. Those gears can be supplied to you via way of means of the corporation you obtain the scuba diving bundle from. The important portions of system are:


To enjoy the proper splendor of marine existence underwater, you'll require face masks to peel the whole thing clearly. The mask is hooked up to the snorkel which as you can already recognize helps you to breathe well and comfortably.


You will want rubber fins to ease your motion underwater. These are strapped to you so you can revel in the complete consultation very well with none hindrance.

Oxygen tank and Buoyancy and Regulatory system

These are essential in your sustenance underwater. Without these, you'll no longer be capable of breathing. The oxygen tank is critical in your respiration.

Wet suit

Though this suit is worn by way of means of divers to manipulate and adjust their frame temperature, it isn't always critical in Goa. Because Goa is pretty humid and heat because of its subtropical climate, as a result you may put on your regular garments underwater too.

A thrilling reality about scuba diving is that you may do it even in case you do now no longer recognize a way to swim.

Popular Scuba Diving Locations In Goa

There are more than one locations that are well-known for the cheapest scuba diving in Goa. Some of them are blanketed under. They are:

Grande Island

Grande Island is well-known for water sports activities because it gives an intensity of seven meters to twenty meters. This profundity stage offers you superb leap spots, that are the principle enchantment of this island. Not most effective scuba diving however from this region you may get perspectives of dolphins, ocean turtles, and different marine creatures as well. The packages presented in this island are really well worth your cash as they may be quite reasonable. This Island is positioned at forty seven Km from Goa. The scuba diving bundle can even encompass the pick-up and drop-off carrier out of your hotel.

Pigeon Island

Though this island is one hundred km far from Goa, the leaping places at the island will make it really well worth the distance. The island is a stunning place to go to..

Sao Gorge Island

Located at a distance of most effective 25 Km from Goa, this island is ideal for you in case you are terrified of scuba diving. In this island, you may take plunges without problems even in case you are a newbie and a non-swimmer. The intensity of the water is most effective 4-15 meters and as a result the jumps can be quite shallow too.

Different varieties of scuba diving packages

There are numerous scuba diving packages to be had in Goa with Sea Water Sports. They range with the information stage of the diver. The packages are:

Scuba Diving For Family

Scuba Diving For Kids

Scuba Diving For Couples

Scuba Diving For Non Swimmers

Scuba Diving For Friends

Scuba Diving For Corporates

Points To Remember:

A man or woman with accidents, coronary heart conditions, Epilepsy, neck accidents or osteoporosis isn't always allowed to do scuba diving.

In case you're pregnant, you'll now no longer be allowed to do scuba diving.

You can not convey a kid under the age of twelve years for scuba diving.

You can not get on a flight proper after the scuba diving consultation. A hole of as a minimum 18 hours is needed among the flight and the consultation.

People with a phobia of water aren't endorsed to go through a scuba diving consultation.

If you need to be looking for a few adventures during your Goa Trip then scuba diving can don't have any alternative. For a first-timer, this activity isn't always most effective. You can fulfil your dream of exploring the marine underwater world in your Goa trip.