The beautiful sakura blossoms of Japan

Photo of The beautiful sakura blossoms of Japan by Deepthi Vijay

There's nothing more comforting to us humans, in a world filled with deadlines, meetings, schedules and responsibilities, for some peace and tranquility. Add to that a beautiful picturesque sight are all those stressful moments that life brings about with itself is gone with the wind.

Japan happens to be one such country that offers tons of those picturesque sights to calm your soul. It is filled with Folklore and tons of Ancestral Epics. It is land that still happens to uphold its age old traditions. One such tradition celebrated in Japan is Hanami or popularly known as The Sakura {Cherry} Blossom Festival. Its that time of the year when all the cherries come to blossom and along with it comes a marvel that holds everyone captured in its ethereal beauty. Japan's Meteorological Department forecasts the most proximate dates to the blooming of sakura. It is usually between the months of April and May. If you haven't seen this marvel it definitely deserves to get on your Travel Bucket List.

So head on over to this culturally and technological forward country to catch a glimpse of a sight made for the gods. Spring never looked better.... 

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