The best destinations to celebrate New Years


It’s that time of the year again! Standing on the last week of 2018, everyone is probably contemplating the best way to bring in the New Year and celebrate the coming 365 days. While some of you might be heading to the best party destination in your city, or host a homely celebration, the itchy feet will not stay put and seek a place away from home where nature itself feels festive.

For those who are yet to plan their New Year vacation, here’s a quick look at some of the best destinations in the country, where you can travel, party, relax, and welcome 2019 in just the way you want.

Some sun, sand, and sea

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India’s very own Las Vegas, Goa is a 365-day vacation destination. Whether you want to party hard or relax at your resort or laze on the beach, the Konkan state has everything on offer.


Artsy yet adventurous, Pondicherry makes for a quaint celebration with a touch of French flair. The colonial bungalows and the delectable food will surely make it a memorable trip.

Andaman Islands

A beach destination but different than the ones on the mainland, Andaman offers you a truly relaxing holiday with its own local celebrations and festivities.


For a luxurious beach vacation, head to the lavish beaches of Lakshadweep and spend the New Year day surfing through the coral reefs and exploring the underwater world.

Feel the winter chill

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Craving some snow? Then Gulmarg is your place to be. The season’s first snowfall has painted this Himalayan retreat all white and waiting for you to explore.


The Goa of the north, this quaint town is the hottest pick for a party destination in Himachal.


Welcome the New Year from this cozy escapade in the Himalayas. Breathe the fresh mountain air or experience an international party scene, Kasol offers the best of both worlds.


You can be in southern India and still feel the winter chill in this cozy hill town. Tamil Nadu’s favorite winter destination, the otherwise peaceful Kodaikanal is abuzz at this time of the year.

Urban affairs

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A city that never sleeps, also never stops partying. And New Years Eve sees the biggest and the best parties of the country, right here in Mumbai.


The Silicon Valley forgoes its ‘work hard’ cape and dons the party hat when its New Year time. Be amazed at the free-flowing craft beer and live music for a truly ‘European’ kind of celebration.


A city that hosts the Sunburn Festival needs to further explanation of what it can offer for New Year.

For all things au-royale


The Golden City can treat you with a starry night and view of the winter sky, a quiet camel safari down the dunes, and of course a royal treat of Rajasthani cuisine.


When in Rajasthan, be like a Raja, they say. And what’s better than to close the year with a royal treatment at a palatial hotel with a view of fireworks on the lake?

All about adventure

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Rann of Kutch

Imagine spending the New Year Eve walking or riding a camel on moon-kissed salt flats? And add the festivities of the Rann Utsav and you have the perfect holiday.


The gateway to the North East, Shillong offers you the most stunning views of evergreen mountains, waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes. Spend the holidays exploring this beautiful and unique locale.

No matter where you are headed, plan well and book in advance, so you can make the most of your trip and have a memorable and an exciting 2019!

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