The Best Diving Spots In The World


Not many are adventurous enough to dive deep in to the ocean and view it in all its splendour. But for those who are willing and who love to swim with the various marine life and explore the corals, shipwrecks etc., scuba diving is the best sport in the world. However, diving in the same place can be boring and hence scuba divers love to visit different diving spots around the world. There are many diving spots and given below are the ones I visited and those that I consider are the best diving spots.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia:

I love Malaysia and its islands. I had a great time diving at Barracuda Point. The reason the point is named Barracuda point is because of the number of barracudas that you find here. The coral wall should be seen to be believed. Since I love swimming with the sharks, I had a blast while diving here. If you think that barracudas and sharks are the only marine species here, then you are wrong as I came across turtles, groupers, parrotfish, snappers etc.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia:

This is the best diving spot that I have been to ever, period. I have never seen so many marine species in one place. The visibility here is also very good and it is very pristine in its beauty. Diving in Raja Ampat is a pleasure. All scuba divers should visit this place at least once in their lifetime. I swam with the sharks, manta rays, a lot of dolphins, even barracudas, angelfish and so many more.

The Yongala, Australia:

When it comes to Australia everyone thinks of the Great Barrier Reef, but there are many other wonderful diving spots and one of them is the Yongala shipwreck in Queensland. The ship is believed to have sunk in the year 1911 and a lot of people were killed. But for divers it is a treasure trove as you can see sea snakes, octopuses, turtles, sharks of various varieties, manta rays and coral.

Yolanda, Red Sea:

The Yolanda is a shipwreck in the Red Sea. It is a very popular point for divers. I loved diving here and swam in the shark reef and saw the marine diversity here.

Great Blue Hole, Belize:

This is one of the best places to dive in the world. The setting itself is awe-inspiring. It is nature’s gift to mankind. It is a very big blue hole that is bordered by coral reef. The water also changes from salt water to fresh water as you go deeper inside the hole. The visibility is around 30 meters. Sharks abound here and that too all sorts of sharks, if you are wary of sharks, then you should not venture here. You can also find stalagmites in the caverns below.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii:

I was part of a Manta Ray night dive in Kailua Kona in Hawaii and it was one of my unforgettable dives, ever. The ocean floor was set up with underwater lights to attract plankton, fishes and manta rays. I was so close to the manta rays and enjoyed looking at them in their natural habitat. There are night dives held regularly here and every diver should visit and enjoy the beauty available here.

SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu:

SS President Coolidge is an ocean liner that sank off the coast of Vanuatu. The Coolidge is fully protected and you can dive in this Marine Reserve and explore it. I have been here once and it was a dive of my lifetime. The marine ecosystem is resplendent and you will surely enjoy your dive here.

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