The Best Hotel near Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Photo of The Best Hotel near Plaza Senayan Jakarta by Lucy Michel

It is that time of the year when you and your family need to go on holiday. Everyone in the family has agreed on the destination – Jakarta, Indonesia. Alternatively, probably you are planning a business trip to Jakarta. Well, Jakarta is a top travel destination for both leisure and business. It is the fourth largest urban city in the world with a population of over 20 million. The city is also ranked eleventh largest in the world. It is, therefore, one of the busiest commercial cities in the world and is famous for its rich cultures and beautiful natural sceneries. The famous Bali Island is also located in Indonesia and is part of a string of more than 100 islands of Indonesia that are naturally unique and stunning.

The islands are spectacular for nature lovers, as they contain long stretches white sands and flat beaches. Additionally, they have aquariums that comprise high number and some of the most beautiful fish species in the world. For sun lovers, the peaceful waters off the coast make the islands perfect for enjoying a few hours of sunbathing. Water lovers can swim, dive, surf, or snorkel. For your trip, it will be a good idea to book yourself in a hotel near Plaza Senayan.

Experience Comfort and Luxury in Jakarta

Let us start with why a hotel near Plaza Senayan will be a perfect choice for you. First, is the strategic location – it is right in the heart and soul of Jakarta. It will provide you with quick and easy access to all the services you need in the central business district such as forex exchange bureaus, plazas, office towers, convention centers, as well as trendy shopping malls. Second is the fact that a hotel near Plaza Senayan is only 45 minutes from the International Airport. On landing, you just need to hire a taxi that will quickly take you to the hotel. That way you will be able to deal with jet lag even much faster. 

The third thing has to do with five-star hotel experience about beautiful guest rooms and suites - amazingly spacious, unique, and complete with outstanding room services for both holidaymakers and business travelers. The rooms have marble bathrooms, king sized beds and come with incredible sights of the city’s skyline. Guest suites had classy kitchens, living, and dining areas and complemented with minibars. There are also business executive’s rooms tailor-made to suit business travelers specifically.

You must be wondering about the food served in this gorgeous destination. The food here would be the fourth reason why you would opt to choose a hotel near Plaza Senayan. Food is delicious and tasty, and you will have a choice between local Indonesian cuisines and international dishes including Indian, Chinese, Japanese and more. To add to the list is that the hotels in Jakarta offer excellent reception and have professional and well-trained services personnel who will ensure you get an unforgettable hotel experience. If you choose a hotel near Plaza Senayan, it will be a combination of luxury, pleasure, and comfort at its best!

What you can do In Jakarta

If you are not engaged in a business meeting or conference, you can visit the islands, see the beautiful sceneries that surround them, including volcanoes and rice paddies. While at it, you can enjoy yourself in the beach. Do you like shopping? You can do shopping in a few of Jakarta’s modern shopping malls including Plaza Senayan if you are staying a hotel near Plaza Senayan.

How about visiting natural tourist attractions such as the museums and monuments? For the monuments, start with the Selamat Datang Monument which is Indonesian for ‘Welcome.’ It is located in the center of Jakarta and is a famous tourist attraction with its unique art sculptures and water fountains. For the museums – Jakarta boasts of more than 140 museums including the National Museum of Indonesia.

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