The Best IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box Review


Are you searching for the best box mod? The IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box is one brand that you should consider. It comes with a user-friendly interface, premium design and provides you with the best power output performance. This Ijoy Captain Pd270 review looks at its features in detail, their pros, and cons and finally delivers its verdict.

Features and Benefits

• 234W Maximum Power Output

You want a box mod that ensures you enjoy longer vaping moments, which this device delivers. It offers you a maximum power output of 234W, which means that you will enjoy vaping safely.

• Portable and Compact

The Ijoy captain pd270 box mod ensures that you feel comfortable when holding it. It comes in a leather-like material, and its structure ensures that it fits your hands well. Bear in mind that it measures, 48mm wide, 32mm thick and 89mm high, which is a size that fits your hands perfectly.

• 20700 Battery Box Mod (Include Battery)

Remember that the IJOY Captain Box mod's battery compartment is designed to hold 20700 batteries, meaning that it’s the first of its kind. However, you get to benefit more, since this box mod consists of a 18650 battery adapter in its package.

• Bright Screen

On the Ijoy captain pd270 box mod’s front side; there is a large bright screen that provides you with detailed information on your vaping status. It includes your current voltage, amperage, wattage, resistance, how long a puff takes and the remaining power of the two batteries and the mode.

• 18 Different Color Skins and 3 Body Colors

This vaping device provides you with the option of choosing your favorite box mod color. That’s because it comes with 3 different body colors and 18 different color skins. The result is that you get the best value for your money.

• 30mm Tanks (No Overhang)

The Ijoy captain pd270 box ensures that you enjoy smooth vaping experiences. The reason is that it comes with a 30mm tank, which prevents overhang issues.


When it comes to vaping, using the 18650 battery ensures that you enjoy longer vaping hours. The Ijoy captain pd270 can use the 18650 battery, which you fit using an adapter.


• The IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box is compact and lightweight, meaning that you can carry it while on the go

• Battery compartment is designed to hold DUAL 20700 batteries, and 18650 batteries, which you fit with an adapter

• The big and bright screen ensures that you monitor your vaping status

• You have the option of choosing your favorite color

• This box mod has no overhang issues as a result of its 30mm tank

• It provides you with a maximum power output of 234W, meaning that you enjoy the best vaping experiences

• The 18 different color skins ensure that you get your favorite choice


The IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box is one brand that's popular in the market. It ensures that your vaping needs are satisfied, which means that you should consider buying it. It manual provides you with detailed instructions, meaning that you'll set it up fast.

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