The Best Life Diet – Will it Really Deliver?


This diet isn’t supposed to be a fad. This is a life change. According to the creator of this diet, Bob Greene, (who is, by the way, Oprah’s trainer. You know Oprah, the richest and one of the most powerful women in the world. If she chooses to follow this diet, there has got to be something to it!), this diet will help you feel 20 years younger and live a healthy and happy life.

These sound like impossible claims, but maybe they have some truth to them. We all know that eating right and exercising can bring you to new vigor and energy, but 20 years younger? We’ll consider 10 years at best. But even feeling ten years younger is an amazing feat, so let’s look a little closer into this Best Life Diet.

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What It Entails

There is no “miracle food” or “amazing fat loss secret” in this diet. In fact, this diet is more like a healthy philosophy on life. It sticks to what dietitians and doctors have been telling us for years; to eat right and workout regularly. However, this “diet” helps you to find out new ways to do that and doesn’t require anything from you but to educate yourself and be sensible.

It is good to find a diet that not only helps you have a physically healthy approach to dieting, but also a mentally healthy approach. There is no obsessive calorie counting, off limit foods, strange concoctions or crazy habits. All that is taught is to make wise choices according to your individual needs.

This diet takes a three phase approach that, phase by phase, you are making healthier eating choices and coming closer and closer your best life. Baby steps is a known way to success, and that is what this diet is all about. Let’s look a little deeper at these phases

Phase 1 of the Best Life Diet

In this phase you will be taking the first steps to a healthier you by increasing your workout time, if you even work out at all, and making some healthy eating habits, like drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins and supplements, and eating four times a day with the last meal at least two hours before bed. This phase can last up to four weeks.

Phase 2 of the Best Life Diet

This phase has the bulk of the necessary diet changes you will make. Not only will you be making your workouts more frequent and intense but you will be slashing some unhealthy foods from your diet and controlling your portions. This phase will also address what many diets fail to include, and that is how to manage physical and emotional hunger. We all feel like eating at times when we know we shouldn’t and being able to control those urges to stuff our faces can be a powerful weight loss tool. Kudos to Bob Greene for that one. This phase is also four weeks long.

Phase 3 of the Best Life Diet

This phase will help you learn how to stick with all the wonderful healthy habits you have developed in the preceding two phases. This phase is what they call the maintenance phase, and you should be on it for the rest of your life. It will show you more foods that should be replaced with healthier options and improves on the ideas and suggestions made throughout the diet. Self examination may be needed to find out why you were overweight in the beginning and by conquering those obstacles, you can be at a healthy weight for many years to come.

What the Best Life Diet Won’t Do

This diet isn’t a quick fix. It will take time but it will work. This is a lifestyle change and addresses almost every single aspect of our lives that may come between us and our health. So if you are looking to drop twenty pounds by the end of the month, don’t bother with this diet. However, if you want to finally kick those bad eating habits to the curb and live a happy, healthy life (and perhaps feel 10 years younger) this diet is definitely for you!

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